Do my parents have a right to claim my daughter?

Im in my early twenties (stay at home mom) i live with my parents at home still on an army base and they want to / claimed my daughter even though i pay rent, our own food, they never babysat her once in her life, etc. is it wrong of them to claim her? They said id get in trouble with the IRS if i didn’t let them claim her… her father does support us, but he’s a British citizen and was working on getting a visa in the process, so I have nowhere to go but live at home until then my other family members told me its very wrong of them to claim her and KEEP ALL of the money. They know I need it for plane tickets, visas, etc. They never bought diapers, wipes, clothes anything. I also cook and clean for them. The most they do is buy her or us a happy meal every now and then. Can I refuse them to claim her, and they won’t be allowed to do it? Will i get in trouble with the IRS if I make sure they don’t claim her?


You have every right to claim your daughter but if they claim her first then you will end up having to fight it with the IRS - save every piece of documentation you have proving you pay rent and buy everything for your daughter

Seek counsel from a lawyer. But if they already claimed her and you push back and take this up with the IRS they will get in trouble for fraud and probably kick you out anyway.

They should absolutely not be claiming her. Thats not their child nor do they have custody. You can let them know that you will claim her and if it comes back you will request an investigation. Don’t cave on this, it sounds like they’re being pushy.


They’d have to claim both of you. Imo

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As long as you are paying an amount to rent THEY CAN NOT claim your child.

You are her mother and no you will not get in trouble

Yes it’s wrong. Unless they have custody or support her financially then they can’t claim her. When you claim her the irs will decline their claim on her if they try. You will not get in trouble for not letting them claim her because their not legally suppose to.

Get your taxes done before them and claim Her she is your daughter

They have no right to claim your daughter


It’s your right to claim your daughter. They don’t take care of her. Even if she lives in their house. Get your money girl. That’s fucked up

It’s gonna be tricky. Like someone said, you can claim her but if they do too it’ll be audited. Technically you’re living with them so I don’t see it going well for you. It’s whoever the child lives with most out of the year and technically y’all are all living with your mom.


What do u mean claim her an keep the money?

Save records of everything then get taxes first if they throw you out get your own place asp !!!

They can’t claim her without her ssn anyways. So just make sure they don’t get her ssn.


You are an adult. If they claimed her that means they most likely claimed you too. But if you did not give them permission and they do not support her or you then they legally can’t

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Claim your own daughter. Plain and simple

There is a form you’re supposed to sign to allow them to claim her so that may keep them from being able to. I’d focus your energy on getting out from under them


Also, if you’re a stay at home mom, how are you even paying rent, etc? You can’t even claim children and get money back unless you’ve worked. You don’t get to stay home then get money back after not working. In that case it would only make sense to let them claim them and be thankful you have parents that allow you a life where you don’t have to work your butt off for little pay while trying to parent too


Who ever financially supports her claims her!