Do nipple piercings affect breastfeeding?

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Yes . But I still nursed for 11 months. Well 40 months with four kids but the first born was definitely the most affected. I would drown her. It wasn’t about her learning to suck, she just had to learn to swallow. When I finally switched her to a bottle. ( I never could get comfortable with a pump so just straight nursing). I hand to poke extra holes in the plastic nipple because she wasn’t used to sucking very hard… if that makes sense. I did put the piercing back in later on. But when I went for three more babies I just took them out and never put them back in. If nursing is important to you, I would restrain from piercing them.


Made no difference for me. Removed piercing whilst pregnant and put it back in when my baby was 14 month and finished breast feeding.

I nursed 2 babies with piercings. ( no jewelry) denise is 100% right! You have extra holes that allow the milk to flow. My babies were chuggers! Lol

Yes. Scar tissue in my left nipple prevented proper flow, so I never really had a good supply in my left boob. It left us both frustrated.

If not done correctly they can pierce through a milk duct ( happened to me ) which can cause blockages . I ended up with mastitis so bad my boobs were red and hot to the touch

Yes, im currently breast feeding my daughter and it’s a constant flow. Even with breast pads I am constantly wet from milk. I wake up with my t-shirt saturated and I literally just watched milk flow from one breast while she is on the other, it’s not just a trickle it’s a big squirt.

It depends on the person.

It gave us no serious obstacles.
My milk came out of the holes so we had to find a different position. After finding the right position—it was a none issue.

They do not. Just remove it when you breastfeed so they don’t swallow the piercing.

You can get breastfeeding safe jewelry. It doesn’t affect baby but shouldn’t be keeping metal jewelry in to feed :slight_smile:


I took my jewelry out and just stuck them into the opening like once a week to keep the hole open. But milk will come out of every hole


I took mine out. Had no problems, and putting it back in was a bit hard, but now it’s fine

Milk comes out ALL THE HOLES. For me, it was messy and kinda gross tbh. But everyone’s different. :blush:


I took mine out when I had my first baby and just kept them out! Wish I would’ve kept them open though since I wasn’t able to produce much milk!

Any suggestions on how to produce more milk?! I’m pregnant with my second and would love to breastfeed longer then a month with this one! I feel like I tried so many things!!!

I took mine out and let them close because I didn’t feel like taking them off then putting them back in every time my baby wanted to nurse.


Yes i had to take it out. Very dangerous for baby. Baby could swallow jewellery


I took mine out, your baby could swallow the jewelry. It’s not that important to keep lol.


I had mine pierced years ago and took them out a long time ago but I guess the holes never closed because milk was coming out the sides where it used to be pierced.:sweat_smile:

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They do not affect your milk flow, but I would be very concerned about the baby swallowing jewelry.


:roll_eyes: If you need to ask,knowing piercings can come loose and possibly be swallowed by your baby,you should REMOVE the piercings.