Do they make carriers for toddlers?

Do they make carriers for a toddler? She weighs about 35-40 pounds. She’s asleep right now or I would weigh her. But we do a lot of outside things, hiking and such and she constantly wants carried. Is there a carrier for kids that size? She kills my arms carrying her if I could have some straps and support that would be amazing. But a lot of the ones I look at say up to 40 pounds and that makes me nervous she is so close to that. Also, a lot of the places we take our girls are not good for strollers… we have a nice stroller but it just won’t work for what we need it for. Thank you!


Uhhh YAY! LILLIBABY toddler carriers go to 65lbs! I LOVE mine!! Baby wear both my kiddos


I used boba 4g with my youngest until he was about 3 my then 5 yr old would be carried. Both loved it

So my almost 4 year old weighs about 35 and she is perfectly capable of walking many places…unless your child has some type of disability to where she can’t walk she should be walking…if you’re worried about her wondering off get the wristbands connected with a chord…you wear one and she wears one


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Lillebaby CarryOn is great for older toddlers!

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:joy::joy:eh, if your kid can walk - they should! Its crazy mothers carry their 5 year old around. These are the kids that scream when brought to school for the first time. Goodness… just saying :blush:


I went on to Craigslist but for our area, got a hiking carrier for 40$ my daughter is 3 and the same weight, we do alot of trail walking/hiking and it’s been a lifesaver.

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We have this for my son, we absolutely love it for hiking, this model goes up to 48 lbs but there may be one that goes higher.


Get a fold up wagon!


Hiking carrier like the one above. They are expensive but worth it. Ours has the one with a rain shield too.

They make hiking ones but they can be pretty expensive

Ergo makes a toddler carrier

We walk alot so she has endurance bit when we go to like the zoo, I do rent a stroller because shit, by the end of the day, even im tired. 🤷 I would not carry her tho. Thats just self hatred. :joy:

I don’t have one but it’s on my list!

Carrying her in your arms or on a sling will hurt the same, dont waste money when your child can walk it wont do her no harm

How about letting the toddler walk…? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They have tons of hiking packs that would be perfect I’d look into the different brands and prices and reviews of them to find one you’d like.

Get a backpack carrier, from the camping shop! Can get ones with shade covers and drink holder even! Just wear them as a back pack!