Do things really change after having a baby?

Do things change after having a baby? I have been with this guy for two years, and we have a two weeks old son when I was pregnant my husband was nothing but very supportive sweet and caring, he couldn’t even quarrel with me or get mad, but after the baby things are changing so fast, he is harsh, won’t listen to me or give me the attention he used to, but he is not violent, so I’m really concerned is this how things are after the baby, or I’m paranoid, maybe I should not expect to be treated that sweetly after pregnancy.


Having a newborn is stressful. Everyone handles stress differently. Try and have a serious conversation with him about how you’re feeling. Also, hormones are a rollercoaster especially after the baby is born. So that could also be contributing to your feelings. Communication about your emotions, feelings and the help you need is important right now
***Please do not take the advice to leave. You’re a new mom of two weeks. It takes time to work through having a baby and dealing with the emotions and stress. It can be a rough time and definitely not the time to act impulsively and leave. People are absurd. ***


Dads get PND too… maybe he needs to talk to a doctor?


Leave now. Save yourself the years of bs.


Depends on if your in a relationship with the right person to start with :frowning:

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Things definitely change after having a baby. People don’t talk about the ugly side that comes along with being a new parent. Those first few months are ROUGH! If he’s helping out with the baby through the night, it might be taking a toll on him mentally and physically and it’s coming out in these actions he’s displaying. Just talk to him. You have to in order to have a healthy relationship and work together on this.


The fact you have an addition to your family should make him a more considerate! Something wrong in his head and behaviour!


Yes things change. Life will never be the same. The first year is the hardest. There will be alot of fights between you and him as you both figure out how to coparent this new very dependant creature in your household. But it fizzles out alot after the first year. Once everything is in its rhythm

Men stress just like women do.

Yes, things are different. You’ll both be at your worst from sleep deprivation, PPD, overall financial and emotional stress. Give it a little bit and let things calm down, but they won’t be the same as before baby.

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I cant believe everyone us saying to just leave. If this was a woman everyone would be screaming PPD. Which, Dads to get the baby blues as well. Dont leave. Try to talk to him. Find out what’s going on. Mean have emotions too and that’s 100% okay.


He could have depression. I know the stress of having a newborn can really get to people.

Newborns are stressful. PPD happens for men too. Talk it out. Give it time.

Men will feel unintentional jealousy, you have to explain to him that you love him but the baby needs both of you and it requires sacrificing from both sides…its hard…I have 5 kids…:v:


Men can get ppd too! Look it up and after you have some knowledge on it, sit him down and have a discussion. Say you know things are different and stressful. Tell him how youve been feeling and ask for him to do the same

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Me and my boyfriend argue all the time, we’re both definitely stressed out and our relationship is a lot different. He was great to me before and while I was pregnant too, to be fair I’m equally bad lol. It got better over time but we still argue more than we did before my daughter was born definitely.

It’s either he is stressed or is just an a**hole. I have been with my husband for 15 years. We were together 2 years when I got pregnant with our son. I got lucky he was sweet before, during and after pregnancy. All guys are different.

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Of course your relationship changes when you have kids. The first year after having a baby is HARD.

Sure, things change after having children but they also even back out. I think it the hardest after the very first child. For the mother, you’re hormones are still a bit out of wack, you’re on internal high alert and are trying to figure out motherhood a day at a time. For men, they struggle to understand, sympathize and adapt. They go from having a fairly usual daily schedule to being thrust into a whole new dynamic.

Give it time, have patience, practice communication. Remember that it’s you & him vs any issue not you vs him.

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A newborn is stressful and not everyone handles the stress very well or the same. My husband gets frustrated easily when he can’t figure out why our daughter is crying even though he’s done everything he knows to fix the problem. On top of having a stressful job and our older daughter in school it wears on him a little more than me. For me I have a shorter fuse when everyone needs me all at once and I’m over here trying to do all I can to do it all. Once I have a hot long shower or just a few minutes of peace I’m fine :woman_shrugging:t3:. My husband is fine after some sleep. Talk to him and see what you both can do to decompress. It does get better just give it time.