Do transvaginal ultrasounds and pap smears look for the same thing?

This year I’m eligible for a Pap smear. Maybe a year and a half ago, I got a transvaginal ultrasound done. Now I know that they are both different procedures looking for different things, but I was wondering if my transvaginal ultrasound looked clear if most likely, my Pap smear would be good? I’m really freaking out. Thank you in advance. Sorry!


No, please get a pap smear if you’re eligible. It will test for things like STIs and pre cervical cancer. They definitely don’t test for the same thing.

Ultrasound is merely a picture. A pap gets cells for testing- cancer, STI, etc.

You need both. Speaking from experience.

I agree you need both

Very VERY different tests and cultures


PAPs test cells in your cervix. A transvaginal ultrasound gives a visual.


I’m pretty sure a Pap smear tests actual cells removed from your cervix. I don’t think an ultrasound would have anything to do with that procedure.


One is a physical specimen sent to a lab and the other is a “photo” of the organs. Totally different.


Why would that freak anyone out?

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Different tests, but also a lot can change in a year & a half

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Freaking out why…? Your supposed to have a pap smear once a year…its called an ANNUAL EXAM…to test for cancer and abnormal cells that can lead to cancer…in addition to STDS and HIV

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The Pap smear swabs your cervix checking you for lots of things . The transvaginal is looking at ur uterus ovaries etc. two totally different.

The pap smear isn’t anything to be anxious about. It’s a little uncomfortable, but over very quickly. Don’t let yourself get too worked up over it.

Very different tests. Paps are typically annually or every other year. Typically they will only do an ultrasound if there is a concern and/or they are looking for something. Or looking to rule out something if you are having an issue.

Paps are okay they are every other year until your 35 I believe then it will be yearly

The pap smear actually takes a small amount of cervical tissue to send out to pathology to check for abnormality of the cervix. The transvaginal US can see lesions or cysts on the cervix and/or uterus from my understanding.

Nope…Pap smear assesses cervix at a microscopic level. Trans vaginal ultrasound assesses uterus and ovaries at macroscopic level

Nope. Transvaginal ultrasound looks at tissue and all it sees is tissue. Cant tell what kind of tissue it sees. Pap smear actually swabs that tissue to get tested for cancerous, or pre-cancerous cells.

Omg everyone is so mean. This is something new to her , you guys need to chill, the ultrasound that goes inside can see your ovaries better and some other things and I honestly don’t know much more. But Pap smear , actually is like a little scrap of tissue they get from the inside and it test the cells to see if there’s anything abnormal going on, it’s preventative care , similar to like what older ladies get when they need a mammogram :slightly_smiling_face: please reach out to me
If you have any questions or need someone to talk to :slightly_smiling_face: