Do you ever talk to anyone about your relationship?

Sooo, different kind of question. Do you mamas ever talk about your “troubles” with marriage or relationships with anyone? Or do you feel like their input can sway you? Help you? Be it a therapist? Your friend, family? Do you keep it behind closed doors? I’m trying to figure some things out regarding this and how it can potentially ruin relationships or help


I absolutely talk to my tribe about my relationship! I also see a therapist for myself but discuss my relationship with them as well.

It depends on if you are asking for advice or just wanting to vent. I always preface it with which I’m wanting. A lot of the time I just need to vent,so I dont want advice or them to get involved, just to let me word vomit everything so I feel less bottled up.

I have a good friend that always just listens to me,no judgement. And that’s what we need sometimes just to vent. I don’t have sisters, so she’s my go to person. Have always been there for each other for more than 30 years🙂

It’s never good to tell family or friends about your relationship . It can cause people not to like your partner . It is best to keep your relationship between you and your partner .


My best friend and me we talk about everything about our relationships, ex husbands, about our kids, our family members and other people… we always laugh about everything, I can understand that you don’t want to involve people in your relationship but is not how that works when you wanna talk.

I had gone to a few people regarding problems with my marriage the u have a guilt trip wondering if u did the right thing. If your spouse finds out u did the theres betrayal. I look at it this was if the problems in your marriage you simply cant discuss with your spouse it’s time to make a decision stay or leave one of the 2.Especially if counselling hasnt helped.

A good therapist is advised. They are not all good.

If its an abusive relationship? Tell everybody.

I do, but only with people i KNOW i can trust.

No. I talk about issues in my relationship with my husband. I’m blessed with a husband who values communication, honesty, and being a team. I do not take any issues with my husband to friends or family. If I ever felt like I was unable to resolve things with only my husband, I would consider professional counseling.


I talk with my therapist. Or my partner.

Sometimes my sister but more so when it’s a sittuation I know I’m being irrational in.

Issues in a relationship should be handled within the relationship. But venting to someone else can be healthy to just get it off your chest. But only to people of the opposite sex of your partner. Like I’m okay with my husband talking to his male friends, but talking about our problems to another woman is a huge no. And Vise versa.


Of course, it’s good to vent. Everyone needs a friend to vent to. But you gotta be careful who you are venting to. I wouldn’t with anyone of the opposite gender and I definitely wouldn’t with an ex (some people do :roll_eyes:)

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oh heck yes. My Momma, my Best Friend, and my therapist are all well informed and updated frequently.

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The only person that I have ever talked to about my relationship is my partner or our therapist as we all worked together to solve issues and it worked. I used to because I didn’t know what to do but In general outside influences are swayed by their biases or opinions towards your partner or opinion of you or their personal stuff and since they aren’t the ones in the relationship it doesn’t help.

Thats an emotional friendship. If its hidden from the spouse, its bad fir the relationship. If its not hidden, its probably ok, but could go either way. Insight, from the outside is helpful. Developing a bond closer than that with your spouse is dangerous.

It’s good to talk to others but I never try and drag my husband down and I think that’s important and knowing I’m talking to someone to find help in a situation instead of talking with someone just to gossip!


I’ve learned my friends are going to be on my side, family on his side, we talk to each other about what is going on and what is bothering us. If we cannot find a resolution to the problem in that moment we come back to it later on after we both have had some time to think.

My Husband and I have very good communication and always discuss are problems with each other. Sometimes I talk to my mom about little issues like if he annoyed me by not putting the toilet seat down lol.