Do you get along with your mother in law?

Are you getting along or not getting along with the Mother-in-law?


She has nothing to do w my husband so dont have deal w her

She doesn’t talk or visit us…

Bfs parents are the fake christian type that judge you behind your back and smile in your face. I dont care for them and they dont care for me🤷 been with their son for a year and we are both happy

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So… I was dating a guy and the first time I met his mom she said and I quote " you are not what I had planned for my son". So …when I married him…guess how that went.
I was/am a redneck tomboy who loved trucks and to be barefoot. She was fancy and a country club member who gave all her sh*ts to what people thought.

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I’m s mother in law and I strive to be a good one by being there if they need me and keeping my nose out of their business. I have two daughter in laws who I love so much and get along with.

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I love my MIL she is the best :heart:

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Seeing as though my mother has passed away… truly hope to receive a kind mother in law one day… Nobody can replace a mother, but I miss the presence of a mother.

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I loved my mother’s -in law. Still best friends

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Get on with her yeah get on with whole family x

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Passed away years ago :sleepy::sleepy:

We don’t get along at all


Yes, but I will admit, we’ve gotten a lot closer than ever when SO passed away in June.
We he was alive our relationship wasn’t as good as it should’ve been.
I actually feel like I’ve gotten a lot closer to most of his family in these few months vs the almost 10 years we were together!

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I get along well with my mother in law. We’re at her house at least twice a week

We live with my MIL since my FIL passed away to help her out. Love her and annoyed sometimes lol

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My 1st MIL no…my 2nd MIL yes she was the sweetest woman.

Nope been married to her son for 13 years now and 3 kids and she dont like me she would laugh in my face and talk behind my back and she did it a few times and i ignored it and still try to fit in…but it just got worst and i said to myself she would never like me and i decided i dont need that negative drama in my life so i dont speak with any of them anymore and its fine with me there are just some relationships you cant forge…god bless those of you who have the best mother in laws…care them for they are rare gems…


My mil is amazing. Love her. We won’t see eye to eye on everything, but that doesn’t get in the way, infact I love a good debate with her!!

My MIL is the best. She’s like a second mother to me, even moreso since my own mother died 8 years ago.

I get along with my step mil she is the best but me and my husbands real mom don’t get along that well