Do you get along with your sister in law?

How does everyone get on with their Sisters-in-law? Because I seriously cannot be the only one that doesn’t get on with mine, and I have no idea how to start repairing the relationship for my child and her children’s sake, while she is still so self-involved. Any suggestions on how to move forward?


I cant stand my sister in law she always has a bad attitude and I told my husband shes not welcome at our house cause I dont want her bad attitude affecting the peace in my house


Why don’t you get along with her? There has to be a reason

Fuck my inlaws :roll_eyes: hate every single one of them

I don’t have a good relationship with my SIL either but I decided not to try to have one besides the occasional times we have to see each other, I find that the more I invest in a friendship with her (in the past) the more I’m obligated to participate in the bullshit that comes from her, and she feels more entitled to say/do things that I’m likely to be pissed about. She doesn’t have kids so it’s probably why it’s easy for me though.

Yes I love mine! We are around the same age.

I have two one is my best friend and the other talks behind my back, gets upset if you call her out on her shit, and acts like she is better than everyone else so needless to say we don’t get along we tolerate each other :joy:

Yes mine is my best friend so turned out great for us

I just ignore mine none of them like our family😂


At first noooo we were about to have a literal fist fight and it took a couple years but we’re good now :joy:

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I love mine! We’re best friends

We (husband and I) don’t hang out with my sister in law cuz she’s too stuck up and my husband barely puts up with her. That’s just how fake his family is. But anyway when we do visit or she visits us, I just put up with her for the sake of my girls. They don’t know the difference.

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I love both my sister in-law and my brother in-law. My siblings are happy, my nieces and nephews are awsome. Sit down together and talk, work it out, family is everything

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My sister in law drops my niece off at my in-laws, she comes here(my niece)…she’s here for weeks, sometimes longer and never a word from her… she doesn’t even know where her kid is. I’ve tried to be nice, but if she’s around my mouth goes off.

You don’t have to get along. I don’t get along with any of my in laws and it doesn’t affect my kids.

Nope both my SIL hasn’t liked me from the get go. And idgaf enough to try to make them like me! To them I’m just a “white bitch”… Their attitude towards me has actually ruined their relationship with my husband. My husband has always chose me over them. My husband and I have a 15month that only one of them had seen one time. They have nothing to do with him or even ask about him. But they have a great relationship with all his other 4 children.

I loathe my sister-in-law with a passion. She’s a lazy piece of garbage, I have no use for her in my life.


My mother in law hates me and her daughter hates me on principal but when we’re around each other with other family and not her mom she’s nice to me. I constantly reach out and ask that we remove her mother from our relationship for the sake of the kids. I text and ask to get the kids together for their sake not mine and am often times ignored. I don’t have any advice other that you keep trying

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Some peoples personalities just clash and they dont get along, yall should just try to accept that you dont get along and at least be civil


I’d leave that for the dad…it’s his sister so let him keep the relationship going for the kids and step back. But that’s just me