Do you get along with your sister in law?

Hate the bitch…
My suggestion…
One foot in front of the other…

I get along fine with mine. We’re very different people and personalities, but we both make an effort to find common ground and it’s fine.

I have 7 sister in laws and I only get along with 3 of them. The rest I ignore or tolerate at family gatherings. You don’t have to be friends just civil to one another.

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Nope I dont care for either of mine. One is a horrendous person the other we just lost touch. One I will call Pina , she is a loser and if you can’t do anything for her she has no interest and all she does is talk shit on everyone the other we will call pammy. She always just wants everyone to come to her and never facilitates any type of relationship and only brings up their childhood. ( somethings my hsuband likes to lay to rest)

I am dealing with same crap.Only she isnt my sister in law its my boyfriends sister and she does some not so good things and i am the only one that has the guts to call her out on it…I have to deal with her everyday from morning to evening guess u could say me and my boyfriend have no relationship

I absolutely love my sister in laws and my brother in law. My one sister in law started calling me her sister since the first day that my husband and I got together and I moved in with them

Two of my sister in laws, yes, love them to pieces. The other one, no. She is a toxic, nasty bitch. The most I ever say to her is hi. And most of the time I don’t even say that.

I wish I could answer this my sis in law, is a gold digging whore, who cheated on my brother, and then 2 weeks later popped up pregnant, and she constantly says my family has never been there for her or done anything for her kids, yet I was there every time sje had the kids, helped babysit, bought them groceries. We get them stuff every year for birthdays and Christmas always there, and she’s never once even been there for my son not got him anything. She live sin a house that’s rent free, given to her and my brother and it’s not good enough, but she knows that if she moves out it goes to me, so she refuses to move out, even though she constantly bitches about the place, and my brother has redone majority of the house the way she wants it and everything. But any time something realtes comes up towards me she turns her head in the opposite direction, because it’s not what she wants. Lol when it came to her bachelorette party they didn’t invite me or my mom but instead asked my mom to babysit and my mom loved 2 hours away at the time, and I called her out for it l, but they used the excuse of me being pregnant to not get invited, yet she’s bene pregnant on and off for the past 5 years and we still manage to invite and include her even when she’s pregnant, I called he rout for all her shit and she manages to turn it all on me just because ei have the balls to stand up and call he rout on her bullshit

I absolutely love my sister and brother in laws. My sisters-in-law has been calling me her sister since pretty much day one Ataaria Korewha :kissing_heart::joy:

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I love mine’s real real close

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If I’m gonna be straight honest I haven’t liked my sister in law since the day I met her. And she has given me so many reasons over the past 10yrs to not like her. I get along with her for the sake of the kids but that’s it. If her and my brother didn’t have kids I honestly probably wouldn’t talk to her

I love all my sister n laws Dana Gonzales Tamara Copeland Blanchard and Lacey Loyd-Hanna. I miss all your faces. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Don’t get along with mine. I just don’t care :woman_shrugging:t2: it gets to a point you just need to worry about yours.

I have the best Sister in laws! Love you all! Laura Dazey Utterback Josie Mcspadden Melissa Dazey-Trout Tenne Dazey Donna Marie Kirkwood Dazey


I get along with mine. On my side i have 6 brothers, 4 of them have significant others… & i get along with all of them as well. Maybe i just think of it as simple. I dont have tight relationships with them all, but when we see eachother im nice no matter what… i’m also a laid back person & can careless to argue lol… I also think family is really important & my man and I both think its a priority to get along with eachother’s family. I go out of my way to be nice to his, because I expect him to be that way with mine. I want someone I feel happy about bringing around my family & vise versa… If there was ever disrespect from his sister towards me, Id tell him he needs to address it so we could fix it. Being stubborn is not worth it in my opinion, especially when you have kids. BUT, if an in-law is toxic, unable to think logically, and just negative to have around,then you arent obligated to spend time around them & i’m with you there.

I’ve never met mine.
Hubby’s family don’t like me and due to the nastiness from them none of us speak.
When they got married a year ago my husband couldn’t make the wedding as it was on a weekday and he was interstate for work, they didn’t even ask if our kids could attend anyway.
She sent me a friend request on FB which was weird but I didn’t accept it as I have never been accepted by any of hubbys family so there’s no reason to be friends on FB!

We are respectful mother in law on the other hand bestfriend

Thank you! You are the very best!!!

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Well…let me tell ya girlfriend. I was with my ex husband for 14yrs and me and his sister were always going at it. One day we’d be fine the next day we would be getting into. Those relationship isn’t worth having. Just bc she is his sister doesn’t mean that you have to like her or be close to her. On another note my boyfriend’s sisters and I get along really good. It just depends on the ppl. Don’t worry so much about her. Let her come to you.

Mines an awful person whos whole family makes excuses for her so we will never get along