Do you give birth earlier with each pregnancy?

I’m on my fourth pregnancy, and I’m 35 weeks; everyone keeps saying the more you have, the more of a chance to have them a bit earlier. Is that true? I’ve been a fingertip dilated since, like 28ish weeks, I think I lost part of my plug today, and I’ve been having pains I’ve never had down in my vagina. She hasn’t been as active but still active a little bit. Plus, some contractions throughout the week. Any advice? Every one of my pregnancies has been so different.


I don’t think so I’m on my 6th and am 31 week’s

Nope all mine were on my due date or late #4 was 6 days late and we induced he was 10 1/2 lbs and 23 in long

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Think it’s just different with everyone and if baby is ready. Me personally yes this has been the case with each one I’ve been a week earlier than the last.

Might get easier to actually push out the more kids u have but not actually coming earlier each pregnancy

With my first I had her at 37 weeks. My second I just had this month at 32 weeks. (He’s in nicu, but doing great)

My first was 2 days early my second a wk early and my 3rd 2 wks early. But not everyone has there babies early

My first was 6 weeks early and my second was a week late.

IME no. My 5 were born at 39w6d , 37w3d, 39w3d, 39w3d, 39w5d

No I had early pregnancy’s with my first two then my last two almost on time

I had 36 week
then 32 week
then 39 plus 6 days so one day off due date
Then fourth he was 39 weeks when he came

I found they came quicker with each though

No every pregnancy is different. Dont pray for a early birth please

No. I was 39 weeks when I had my first - no intervention. And 40 with my second.

Your plug can regrow. It is normal to have more aches and pains earlier as you have more.

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Nope. 37 weeks and then 39 weeks

Not in my experience. 1st was born at 41 +2, 2nd was born at 38 weeks, 3 rd was born at 41+1 and currently pregnant with #4, will be 39 weeks on Monday. I have no clue if I’ll go over due or not but I feel like I might :woman_shrugging:t3:

My first was on my due date. My second was 9 days before. My third was 6 days before(I was induced). My fourth was 7 days before (I was induced)

No idea, I just had my first at 41 weeks lol, I had to drink a loooooot of red raspberry leaf tea though, because I was showing no signs of going into labor anytime soon. I lost my mucus plug the day before I went into labor

My last 2 were born on there exact due dates and I was induced.

My first I was induced 11 days early. Second came naturally 13 days early. Third one came 10 days LATE. First two were boys, third was a girl.

No but the laboring was easier. Or maybe I was used to it by the fourth lol