Do you have to snip a tongue tie?

Question, when my baby was born the nurses and doctor said he was tongue tied? They asked if I wanted them to snip it but I denied because I didn’t want my newborn in pain right away, was I right to deny? Will this bother his speech in the future?


Do it as soon as you can. My daughter had hers snipped at her 1st dr appointment after birth (4 days) right there in the office. It will affect his speech as well as feeding


I will always have tongue or lip ties fixed as soon as they’re discovered. There are long term effects of keeping them

My daughter ripped hers on her own…I would say get it snipped. My daughter had speech problems until she was 3 due to this.

The sooner the better. It can lead to problems not just with speech but other things as well such as eating.

I think it depends on the severity of it. Consult your doctor about it. I myself was tongue tied, but it was never snipped. I did speech for a year when I started school but that was the extent of it. If it’s a severe tongue tie though, it’ll have to be tended to.

I have a 2 week old they snipped his at 3 days old . He didn’t even cry I watched the whole thing. My cousin didn’t get his snipped until he was 7 years old. He was home for a week from school and still has a noticable lisp, even after years of speech therapy.

It can effect speech & feeding. Its honestly really simple to have done. Due to my sons heart conditions he couldnt have his done right away, so because he was older, (little over a year) he had to be under anesthesia for his (so they did it when they put his ear tubes in). its better to just do when theyre younger.

It can also hugely affect dental health. I have a major tongue tie and as a result my teeth basically decay faster no matter how well I take care of them

My son got his done after he was born. He didnt even cry. I’d say agent it done asap it will cause problems later.

2 of my sons were tongue tied. Both were clipped shortly after birth. They are 10 and 6 now, but they both required speech therapy. It will effect his speech in the long run

Our sons tongue tie was identified when he was born but they said they wouldn’t cut it unless it effected his eating / speech, which it did but we had to argue up until he was 4 to have them do it and by that point he had become a fussy eater as he found things harder to menouvre around in his mouth…

Two of mine were tongue tied and i chose not to and they havent had any speech issues

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My hubby had his tongue tie cut in his 30s. It impacted his pronunciation of some words (even now) and he couldnt stick his tongue out (no dental issues th po ugh). We got our bubs ties cut at 4 days old.

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my cousin is 23 years old and tongue tied. it doesn’t effect her speech or anything :woman_shrugging:

My mom was in L&D for almost 30 years. For a long time it was just done right after delivery as pretty standard practice.

It can affect sleeping breathing and tooth care. My sons have them and I didn’t fix the first one because the dr said he’d outgrow it now he has to surgery under anesthesia and $4500.00 worth of dental surgery. I knew I should have taken him for a second opinion. Now my youngest son was just born and they can fix it in the drs office instead of surgery.

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The sooner the better. Causes speech and feeding complications

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best get it properly assessed and getting it done as a new born is better. can affect feeding/ weight gain can cause reflux and can affect speech.


Get it done asap…most people don’t blink at if they are going to circumcise- this is so simple of a procedure with so much benefit or simply avoiding future possible problems. If you are trying to breastfeed get it snipped. My daughter had a profound tongue tie and was loosing weight after birth before they finally caught it. It got snipped at 8 or 9 days old and she improved so much over the next days and weeks. They cut it with little tiny scissors, she cried for a minute and it only bleed for a minute and it was done. The sooner the better then less invasive and no sedation needed. Wish they did it right away when she was just born as some hospitals but ours didn’t.