Do you let your kids watch this youtube show?

Do you allow your kids to watch that youtube show, Jeffy? I try to filter what they watch but they get upset and tell me all of their friends watch it… Am I a being too controlling?


No they can’t watch it

No never have and he is 12 now and still don’t allow it

Omg my autistic kids are obsessed which I find weird

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I don’t allow my kids on YouTube anymore.

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Jeffy is an asshole.

I wouldn’t let them watch it. It says it’s for mature audiences and is aimed for adult viewers. You are the adult. You make the rules.

I just asked my 12 and 15 year olds what Jeffy is and they said it is not kid friendly, definitely for adults. They both agree that you are not being too controlling by not allowing your kids to watch it.

Nope my son’s not allowed.

No YouTube in our house. Seems like a slippery slope and there is way too much inappropriate crap on there. Makes me nervous.


Jeffy isn’t appropriate for a kid. It’s gross and vulgar.

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Nooooooo. Jeffy is not for kids. I thought it was and my son was watching it. I quickly learned it is not for children.


It’s basically like letting your kid watch family guy… If not worse

My son tried to watch it but I won’t let him,parental control.

You control what you want them to watch. Doesn’t matter who else is doing what. You are the adult. Watch it yourself if you need to.

Youtube isn’t allowed in the house anymore. Lol

Absolutely not Jeffy my 10 year old used watch that until
I saw what jeffy was I told him he couldn’t watch that anymore he continued without me knowing but he got caught n grounded for that so now I’m always looking at his phone to make sure he’s not watching jeffy

My kid is only allowed on YouTube kids

When my son started watching this I will admit some of it was funny. Yes I’m a adult and I said that and it’s mostly bc its aimed for adult humor. But the more I watched the more I was like Wait What? He started repeating Jeff. And mimicking him as well. And not the funny portions the grotesque portions. The slapping of the diaper. The inappropriate behavior. That’s when I said OK thats enough. I placed a child lock on his youtube as well. If its older than 13 he can’t watch it. I’d strongly suggest not allowing your children to watch it even though it’s geared towards kids by using Mario and so forth but like someone else stated Would you let your kid watch Adult Swim just bc its animation?

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Dashes off to check out Jeffy.