Do you let your kids watch tik tok?

My daughter is 8 years old & it’s like all of her friends have cellphones & have Tik Tok accounts, but my daughter is absolutely not allowed to be associated with it & I know when she goes to a friend’s house, she will be because her friends are allowed too. We barely let her go anyplace except for one friend’s house, but that ended today. I feel like I am holding her back, but I am also not allowing things because her friends are allowed.


Some tik toks are very inappropriate and I’m not sure there’s a way to filter them out.


I dont allow my boys to have social media. Their 12 and 9. I told them when their a little older and more mature we will talk about it. I do allow YouTube on restricted mode.


What does she does to fun now that she enjoys

Just understand the more you shelter and restrict a kid the more they will do it anyway they can. The best you can do is be honest with them about what is and is not appropriate to watch or repeat. And make sure they know they can come to you if they come across something they find inappropriate or have questions on.


They have a kids version tik tok, it isn’t bad.

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Nope tik tok is stupid


My daughter is the same way. She is not allowed to have a phone or social media and most all of her friends do. I tell her we will consider it when she’s 10.

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Nope, my oldest is 11 and there’s too much I find inappropriate for his age

My daughter is 10 and has no phone and not allowed tic tok on her tablet!


I witnessed my 8 year old niece twerking, stripping and doing inappropriate dances.
Keep your daughter’s innocence and childhood, please. Keep your foot down!


My daughter is the same age, her friends have phones and play out but she isn’t allowed. I feel that children are permitted to see too much for their age and brought into the world of adults younger and younger. What’s wrong with protecting your child’s innocence and their ability to use imagination for as long as possible? The world can be a harsh place to live in, let them be carefree whilst they can be x


My daughter are 7 and 10 and have cell phones. They are not allowed to have any type of social media. Their cousins do and they see my family on it. They ask all the time but I stick to my word and refuse to let it happen but sometimes they may hop in someone else’s tik tok and I’m okay with that as long as it’s appropriate.

When I set my kids up with their tiktok it filters out inappropriate things and such and they’re not allowed to friend or follow people. So I feel pretty alright with it. My daughters are 9 and 10


As a kid who was sheltered, sometimes** it makes the kids more sneaky and better at lying. Not every time but it happened with me. Keep that in mind when you keep her from her friends.


No tik tok, it’s horrible


I don’t allow mine because there is a lot on tik tok that is not appropriate. My 13 year has a cell but only due to his health. I felt the same way you do but we have to do what we believe should be done. My oldest doesn’t have social media and has a thing on his phone so I can see what’s getting downloaded, what’s being watched etc. You can set up parental controls. It is pretty neat.

I don’t let my daughter on stuff like that.

My daughter is 7, she has a phone, that I have programmed woth family phone numbers. Any games or anything that she wants to download is locked and I have to put my password in for it to work. She has no social media at all and will not until she is much older

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It’s one thing to restrict TikTok from your child. But to not allow them to not have friends because of it, is stupid in my opinion.