Do you let your toddler walk in grocery stores?

Hey moms! Do you guys allow your two-year-olds to walk with you into places or while shopping? I saw a mom with her son, who just turned 2. He walked with her everywhere and did really well. My son is wild, and I feel like I would be running all over like crazy. Do you ladies keep them in the cart while shopping? Or a stroller? I carry my son into stores and such still as well


My son is 18months and he rides in the buggy everywhere we go.

My son is almost 3 & HELL NO. he grabs everything. I use those blue carts like a caboose and I strap his bottom in there :upside_down_face: even then he pulls things off the shelf etc. It’s too much. Plus I have a 4 month old so I don’t have time to chase my toddler. If you only have that 1 kid, then you could try it but I wouldn’t lol

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Depends. Grabbing a few quick things, she walks with me. Grocery Shopping, shes in the cart.

My 5yro still goes in the cart lol easy for all of us that way :woman_shrugging:


At that age my girls were in the cart. Even now (at almost 4) I don’t think I would let them walk next to the cart

Nope mine is wild too he sits in the cart

Depends where we go… Went to the doctor and chemist yesterday with 4.5 month old in the pram, had mr 2 walk next to me and asked him to hold the hand strap… He stopped and touched a couple of things but did well… Hes also a crazy full on kid so for him that’s a win… If its a quick stop he can walk but longer stops like for groceries hes in the trolley

My son prefers ro walk. Hes almost 2 1/2 bt has been doing it since he started walking really well. He knows his boundaries but ahain. He’s two. He still wants to touch. We have gottwn into a habit where he knows he can only touch it when mama says it needs to go in the buggie
And then he knows hes helping and not making a mess.

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Mine walks along side of me most of the time. She doesn’t really bother anything. She’s 2 and does really good either staying beside me or dad.

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I started letting him walk holding the cart around 2, but the second he let go of it and took off I would put him into the cart and he wouldn’t get another chance, he’s almost 4 now and walks


My eldest was cool with walking. The rule for my second was DO NOT LET HIS FEET TOUCH THE GROUND! My ex mother in law found this out the hard way when she didn’t listen and he ended up running across an entire Carpark and a road and just luckily was seen by a friend who knew what he was like and grabbed him. With my third she can go either way. I don’t mind walking with her to grab just 1 or 2 things but i do need to constantly hold her hand or she grabs at everything.

I think you should try it and begin to set boundaries and clear expectations. I mean they can’t ride in a cart forever.


I recently let my wild one down to see how it would go. He never left my side. I think they understand more than we give them credit for

I don’t bring her shopping my daughter is 15 months and insane. She figured out how to get out of the belts on the carts. So yeah no more shopping with her for an eternity

If it’s a life or death situation and we do go I put her in her stroller whenever possible and grab a basket but I know a lot of stores got rid of them Cuz of rona

Once he was old enough to walk and hold my hand he walked. :woman_shrugging: While shopping he rode in the cart but into and out of the store and if it was somewhere a cart wasn’t required he was taught to hold my hand and stay with me and walk.

Yup, he holds my hand usually, or stays close by, if its busy I put him in the trolley, but it never is at the times we go, hes pretty good at listening, but has his defiant days where he thinks its a great time for a game of chase. :woman_facepalming::joy: to be expected from a 2 year old, hes won over the supermarket staff too which is a bonus.

It depends on the child honestly… When my daughter was the age she would walk next to me no problem… I couldn’t do it with my wild boy!

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It’s not my kids it’s other ppl I don’t trust! The only time they are out of the cart is if their father is with us and holding hands other then that if I’m by myself no they are in the cart :woman_shrugging:t4: my girls do very well walking and don’t bother anything but that’s the least of my concerns having my 3 and 4 yo out

I do! I just kind of had to. I had twins and when they were 3 months old, I found out I was pregnant again! They are 5, 5, 4. My boys started walking in the store around 1.5 and their sister was probably the same age when she started. The town we live in just barely started doing grocery pick up and I don’t have very much help with my kids, so I’ve taken them with me since they were born. If I put the three of them in the basket, I would have absolutely no room.

They have boundaries though. They have to stay next to me and if they run off or get out of my line of sight, we have a consequence. We have also had very honest conversations with them about why it’s important to stay near me.