Do you let your toddler walk in grocery stores?

Hey moms! Do you guys allow your two-year-olds to walk with you into places or while shopping? I saw a mom with her son, who just turned 2. He walked with her everywhere and did really well. My son is wild, and I feel like I would be running all over like crazy. Do you ladies keep them in the cart while shopping? Or a stroller? I carry my son into stores and such still as well


Trust me my 3 year old son can be wild and all over too. However in the stores he’s not. He holds my hand or pushes the cart with me. I’ve told him I don’t want him to get lost like “Dory” and he can understand that. I also said there’s some not nice people and he has to stay close to me. Be real (in terms they can understand) and he might do better than you think. And if he doesn’t…his butt goes in the cart.

Mine is 14 months and we live next to a small grocery store where we know most everyone that works there. I’ll let her explore a couple aisles obviously not while shopping, but following beside her so I can grab her right away. I think it’ll help when shes older, but I’d rather keep her in the cart or on a backpack leash for safety reasons.

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I put mine in the cart but shes a wild little bit. I also have 3 my older 2 I allowed to walk sometimes just depends to this day they have to touch the cart or I tell them if I can’t reach out and touch you, your too far away from me.

I have a 3mo, 1yo, and a 2yo and it’s usually just my infant in the cart with one walking on either sides of me holding onto the cart. If it’s near their nap time and we HAVE to be out, they all go straight into the cart

Yup get him his own plastic buggy, a little wrist leash or back back doesn’t hurt either. I have two older kids I did this with and one infant I plan on doing this with.

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I’m teaching mine these: anytime we are outside she has to hold a hand and watch for moving cars. In stores if she’s walking one hand had to be holding onto the cart at all times

My son is 4 and ALWAYS goes in the cart. He is very spontaneous and I don’t trust him to stay by my side.

I did, I made them help picking things… But if they started acting a fool back in the basket it was. With a " And I don’t want to hear your screaming either! " :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The crazies go in the cart for this mama! & the seatbelt straps are the threat… “KEEP THE NONSENSE GOING AND IM GOING TO PUT THE SEAT BELTS ON!!” As they throw every item on the floor or each other or other people :sweat:

In the cart for my youngest but with my middle kid i had a wrist leash for him

I keep him in a cart, if not, I would end up spending a hour just chasing him, then give up and never buy groceries again

I’ve looked after lots of children in my life time. Depending on number I’m caring for, they are either strapped in a pushchair or a trolley. I like to have them in complete control when shopping. Can’t bear to have the poppets wrecking the shop, being totally unruly, and gave all the other shoppers falling over them or being deafened by the screaming tantrums…in my day it was called respect…

My son just turned two and he walks to the store sometimes other I carry him, but he is always in the cart. But he will not let me move that cart without him being buckled. I would have to buckle him every time we went cause he would try to stand up. So he know knows it has to be done.

My son is a wild one, doesnt like to hold still or set in carts for long. I let him hold my hand an he does surprisingly good better then setting in the cart. You can always give it a try.

all kids are so different!! my oldest i was able to let him walk. he was an angel. but my daughter and other son absolutely NOT!!! i remember the youngest one pretending to play baseball running up and down the aisle sliding and yelling safe :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I put my toddler in the cart. Definitely. He’s not gonna have me sweating my hair into an afro trying to chase him around. Nope. :rofl: Also tho, I think he likes the cart. He never tries to get out​:woman_shrugging:t5:

My daughter is two and she walks at the mall only, and into restaurants and that’s about it, at the grocery store she’s in the cart. At the mall she HAS to hold my hand or her dads, and MUST walk between us. If we let her go she can’t be more than a foot away and she knows don’t touch anything, she does really well, it honestly is just a learning experience the more you let him the more it could calm him down as maybe anytime he has that freedom he’s gonna want to go crazy versus doing it all the time could start to be boring and hell clam down a bit?

My 19 month old touches everything he sees and usually puts it straight in his mouth if he can! I was crazy about germs before 2020 and even more so now so mine is staying in the cart with a seat cover for now.

If my husband is with me I had my daughter out of the cart but if it’s just me she went in the cart. Now that she’s older and ask me to buy everything I leave her at home.

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