Do you need a new custody agreement if you move states?

If you move states do you have to do a different custody agreement in the new state or would you go back to court in the state the original custody agreements was made?


I moved and was told i needed a new one just because it changes the arrangements

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you have to get the order amended in the state it was made in


It usually falls under where the child presided the past 6 months. After 6 if you need to go back to court for something you can usually move it to the new state ur in… but definatley get it amended where the original one took place stating you can move out of state with the child

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I think the
States are in a fixed position already… duh

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Go to court in your original state if you already have an agreement…they already have jurisdiction

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Yes, you have to do it in the orginal state. And I don’t know who has the children most, but as a the primary my lawyer told me that if my ex disagreed with the move he could contest it and I wouldn’t be able to move and if I moved anyway I would be responsible for 100% of the transportation costs.

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From what I understand in my state both parents would need to agree to the move if its across state lines, because moving a child across state lines without the other parents agreement is considered kidnapping here if there is a custody agreement in place. You would need to go to court in the original state to firm up the details, and then they would give instructions moving forward. (There are a ton of amber alerts in my state of parents who took their children)


Usually have to get courts permission

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Don’t leave town without a new custody decision signed by a judge

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It’s the laws of the state tht the sole/ custodial parent resides in

Can resolve in mediation

I had to get permission from a judge to move to a different state. So yeah get to a judge before you move.

You have to get permission to move. If you move states with your child without permission you can be forced back and ordered not leave with child b

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The court you were divorced in always holds jurisdiction. To make any changes you must do it in that said court.

Contact a family court mediator and ask what the protocol is for this.

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It’s different for each state, however most if not all stated have a provision that neither parent can move so many miles (mines 100 miles in my state) away without permission from the court. If permission is granted than a new custody agreement would be made.

Jurisdiction is a funny thing but from what i know once it has been established, like your case any and all changes must proceed within the original court. If you want to move you must change the custody agreement in the original court it was filed.

Yes all states are different. And better in the end if you do it before you leave.

If the custodial parent is moving they may need permission to leave the state with the child/children at all or in some places it is kidnapping (my sister found that out the hard way)

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