Do you put a mask on your children under 2?

Mommas with babies under 2 (specifically around 14- 24 months) do you put a mask on them? I hung out with my grandma (baby’s father’s mother), and she told his mom that my baby doesn’t wear a mask. So, of course she had something to say about it. I swore the cdc said babies under two shouldn’t wear masks.


No child under 11 needs to wear a mask


I’m in virginia and they said children under 10 do not need to wear one. I refuse to put them on my 7 and 2 yo but then again I hardly ever leave the house.

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No way. I do put cart covers on the carts at stores and distance the best I can. I don’t even think my two year old would wear a mask he’s delayed and doesn’t talk and doesn’t understand some things

Absolutely not. No way he’d keep it on even if I tried.

I’m in NY. It’s children under two do not wear masks. My 9 and 10 year olds need to wear one everyday for school.

No my 2 year old wouldn’t even keep it on if I tried


My little lady is 2 and she doesn’t wear one…I just put her in her stroller when she goes in to shops to prevent her from touching anything…And either way she wouldn’t keep it on anyway, It’s bad enough we have to wear them…Xx

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No child under 2 should wear one. It is a huge suffocation risk.

My 3 ¾ and 5 yr olds wear them when out. They are awesome at keeping them on. There is no way my 16 month old would keep one on if I even tried.

No their little bodies cant handle the carbon dioxide. And I obnoxiously cant speak for all children but i guarentee you my 2 year old wouldnt wear one for more than 30 seconds

Baby under 2 do not wear masks . I’m in NYC and a nurse

The CDC said it isn’t safe for children under 2.

My 3 year old doesn’t keep hers on. I don’t force it anymore and I’ve never heard any complaints from anyone.

Nope and technically kids under 2 don’t have to wear a mask

Children under 2 are still at high risk of SIDS therefore they do not wear masks

I’ve read it is a suffocation risk for children under 2.
So, my daughter didn’t start wearing a mask until her 2nd birthday. We then bought her a mask with a kitty face on it & she meows at everyone we walk past; she has too much fun doing this that she doesn’t take the mask off. (& even whines to have it pulled back up when it slips down)

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Absolutely not :flushed: my youngest is 15m and I’d not dream of putting a mask on her.

I don’t put one on my 17 month old if we go out. I’ll wear one but she doesn’t because I was told she could suffocate. She can’t properly communicate enough at 17 months old to tell me she finds it hard to breathe

No masks under 2! It’s advised by CDC & pediatricians to be harmful in itself! It decreases their oxygen flow and at such a young age, that can be detrimental to them!