Do you regret only having one child?

Mamas of only children: Do you regret not having more than one child? What are the pros and cons of having an only child?


No, they will always have each other when I’m gone. (3)
I only regret who their dad is. :joy:


I did… but surprise, 10 yrs later number 2 showed up! I always wanted a large family but after my son was born my husband was totally against another :disappointed_relieved: luckily for me, although a big shock, I got pregnant with a second :heart::heart:


I had what I thought would be my one and only now there 5 and im due with my second. I thought 1 was going to be but I realized as my son got older a sibling is needed I just felt we needed another but more so cause I wanted to try for the opposite gender…

Hubby and I both grew up with multiple siblings and both would of been fine with 1 or none. I think it really depends on how you feel and your situation.

I’m an only child. I wish I had that sibling bond/friendship that all my friends had growing up.


No regrets on just having one. One is plenty. You couldn’t pay me to have a second child.


I had uterus issues. And had a hysterectomy after having my kid. I don’t have great family ties and don’t want him to be feeling guilty about needing to be committed to the family if he’s going to be mistreated. I was able to create my village outside of family and have friends to lean on rather than siblings. I am also a single mom and his dad has since moved on and made more babies with another woman and my son has taken the back seat to that. I don’t have the ability to afford to take care of more than him, financially or emotionally. He’s enough and he’s perfect.


I did , so I had another . 6 years between them .

I was an only child for 12 years of my life and am super glad my parents had my brother


I’m an only child and wish I had a sibling. I have 3 children and love that they have each other.

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Not everyone has good experiences with siblings. They can be a source of a lot of pain. And for that reason did not regret only having one. I am giving my child what I always longed for!


Yes, and now I have a 20yr old, 8, and 5yr old. Had 2 more, so they could grow up together.

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Sometimes I love it sometimes I want my 3 year old to have a sibling…but also a single mom

Both my hubby and I come from families with siblings and none of us are close at all. I struggle with this. When her dad and I eventually leave this world I dont want her to have no family. We are so far away and distanced from anyone a sibling will probably be what she needs. We don’t want another, but for her sake we probably will. Our issue is when? She turns 3 this month and we are not ready. If the age difference is greater will they even like each other? Sigh. It’s a struggle for us.


I do… i have 1 shes 19… sucks being an only. I have 4 sisters and love it . But i had fertility issues and was only successful once

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I’m an only child and I have 1 child. I don’t regret having just one. I’ve always been good with it and I think she will be as well.


Here’s my issue, I had my son, my first child, at the age of 20. He is now almost 6 and I am 26. I feel like I waited too long to have any more kids because he is finally at an age of more independence and I feel like I would completely be starting over. Not to mention, I’m almost 30, not sure I want any more kids after the age of 30. However, my brother and I were 12 years apart, so maybe I could just do what my mom did :joy: I love having my only boy though.


Pros: less expensive, more attention from mom and dad
Cons: lonely, could be spoiled, don’t get that bond that siblings get because a relationship with siblings is not like any other kind of relationship


I have 9 kids…they all love having each other to play with etc just having 1 they are lonely…yea u can do more things etc but nothing wrong with having a 2nd.


Im a single mom like all the way single no help at all and its extremely hard already my son isnt here yet.