Do you size up when buying winter coats?

When buying winter coats for your kids, if you are buying one in September, do you size up a little from the current size they’re in? My three and a half-year-old is mostly a 3T, but we live in Iowa, so I know he’ll be wearing his coat until probably March. I bought him a 4T coat today, and it’s big on him, but I’m afraid if I get him a 3T will be completely grown out of it by December. Would you just buy it big knowing it’ll give him room for the rest of the fallen winter? Same for my 5-year-old. I got her an XS (4/5) but wondering if an S (6) would benefit us better.


I always size up🤷‍♀️

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I size up. That way I can put a sweater on my daughter and the coat wouldn’t be tight on her arms

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I always buy sizes to big. Clothes are expensive lol.

I always size up. That way they can have layers underneath too.

Always. You can fold the sleeves, you can’t stretch a size that’s too small

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I always buy at least one size bigger for my son! Sometimes I have to do 2 sizes bigger just to get my money out of them. He’s going to be 6 end of September and his snowsuit this year is an 8.

Always size up. Leave room for layers and growth.

Children grow sporadically, it’s better to buy bigger than to buy just right. Just let then wear a light jacket underneath

I always buy at least 1 size too big.

Yes, I always size up

I always got a size up sometimes 2 I would rather the coat be a little big than a little small to small means to cold to big means warm for a while

I always go up due to him wearing sweaters and thicker top during the winter.

I always size up. Usually 2 sizes so she can wear it 2yrs in row

I size up for my daughter

Size up. If it’s too big to keep them fully warm you can always put a smaller jacket under it.

I always size up. But i also buy at the end of season so i don’t pay a crazy price

I got mine a 4T when she was a 3T thinking she could also wear it the next year and it’d fit perfectly, nope she was completely out of it by the time summer hit.

Always size up. If you can buy winter clothes during summer clothes are cheaper.

I do!! Always size up because of layers and never know when they will hit that growth spurt