Do you stay at places past your toddlers bed time?

My question to you ladies is this… do you stay places past your toddler bed time for special occasions like Christmas dinner/ Christmas get together ? My son is 2.5 and gets up around 5:30-6 am… He doesn’t nap during the day, and I put him down at 8 pm. Tonight my husband says, “we’re not leaving Christmas dinner at my brothers early, just so you know.” Going on to say how he feels like we always leave early and “4 hours isn’t long enough for me because I like to be around people and socialize.” For me, seeing as how we’re getting there at 4, I don’t see why it would be a big deal to leave around his bedtime. I told him maybe he should try to put his child before his own wants. Our son will be exhausted by about 7, but he doesn’t care because he wants to socialize? It sounded selfish to me because once you have kids, it’s not always about you and your wants. I want to add that our son has autism, and I think 4 hours of a social gathering would be enough for him as it is. Am I overthinking? Is he right, about making an exception because ‘it’s Christmas’?


I do find exceptions to the rules. I think holidays would be that… why not see if he will lay down where you are if you see him getting tired


I know someone who has autism and sometimes when a routine is broken it can be worse. So your S.O should really put his child’s needs first.


Yes. Once in awhile is fine. That’s asinine to always be home before 8


Take a pack and play and stick to the routine.
Or talk something out with your husband.
If you feel it will completely throw your child off you have to do what’s best for them.
Or drive separately and leave so you can be home to put your little one to bed. Just some ideas:)


There is no where for your son to sleep where you are going? Take his jammies and make it an adventure. 1 day past his bedtime isn’t going to throw off his sleep pattern. Pick your battles


We go anyways because no matter what time we leave our daughter will ALWAYS fall asleep in the car and be up for a few hours after we get home because of that “nap”

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Regularly I try and get my kids home for their bedtimes. However I have always made exceptions for special occasions, holidays etc and stayed out later.

Maybe not popular opinion but my life doesn’t stop just because I have kids :woman_shrugging:


I make exceptions for holidays and family get togethers. Always have.


You know your child and how he will react. If you child can’t handle being up past a certain time, why put yourself through that hell at someone else’s house? Maybe drive separate or tell your husband to find a ride home.


Its Christmas always an exception or family event.


Considering Covid I’d use that as an excuse and stay home. Tell him to go alone and stay as long as he’d like.


My daughter has autism so i understand the struggle. Maybe take 2 cars so u can leave when need be.


My kids always did poorly at that age with staying up too late. The entire next day or two would be miserable. Our families are close enough that we always took 2 cars and I would typically leave with the kid/kids when it got too late. I had no problem keeping them up a little later but some kids just don’t tolerate it well and mine didn’t. Maybe there’s some room for compromise in there?


Your kid is a priority over his socializing. Maybe take separate cars and leave his “socializing ass” there?

We do for special occasions… I’m sure your son will be having fun as well. One day of going to bed later than 8 will be fine. He most likely will sleep in


I think instead of starting a fight you can just see how the night goes with your child? Also why dont you drive a separate car assuming you have 2 or he could take you home if child isnt doing well and he can go back. Sounds like dad really wants to be with his family and have fun. His needs ALSO matter. Easy solution take 2 cars if you dont want to stay as late ?


First kid?? Stay. Have fun.


I think keeping your child on a set schedule makes them more upset when there is a variation in their schedule. I think family time should be more important than a set bedtime.


I have stayed later than my sons bedtime before but it’s usually for special occasions. He usually falls asleep in the car and when we get home he’s so tired we quickly change into pj’s and he’s right back asleep. My son has autism as well and tolerated it fine. But you know your kid best and if you think it’s a bad idea and don’t want to test it out then stand your ground :blush: