Do you think I am having another miscarriage?

I just had a miscarriage back in January, and today I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been doing blood work to see where my levels have been, and at my last visit they were 594 which is I guess is low… so I had to come in and do a Vaginal ultrasound, and there was no baby, and the sac was either still forming, or I’m losing the baby again… I just wanted to know if anyone else has been through this sorta thing early in pregnancy… we didn’t see any baby either.


They should have you come back in a few weeks it’s still very early and not uncommon to not see anything this early! Hang in there :crossed_fingers:t3:


At 5 weeks there was a sac but no baby I went back at 8 weeks and the tiny baby was there :heart:


5 weeks gestation is very very early to see a baby. You will literally not see one. There may be a very tiny looking pea size in there but chances no. Relax :slight_smile:

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At 5-6 weeks they saw a yolk sac but no fetal pole until the 8th week. Have hope :two_hearts:

Still early, I’m pregnant with my second and she didn’t show up until 6 1/2 almost 7 weeks in on ultrasound. U got this momma stay positive.

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I had a miscarriage march 2018 got pregnant again in June 2018(and I went in right when I found out I was pregnant again and they did the ultrasound didn’t show anything they did the blood work and my levels were low went back a few weeks later and the baby was forming… best wishes!!!


5wks is early to see anything but a sac and if you ovulated even a little later in your cycle than normal you could be a little earlier than 5wks.

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Going through the same thing right now. I’m about 4 weeks and went in for two blood tests 48 hours apart my levels doubled like they were supposed to. They told me the same thing no ultra sound as long as the levels go up it’s fine. The numbers don’t mean much to me, I’m 4 weeks and my level was 333.

I went through the same thing. I’m sorry, sending prayers!

My blood work was similar. There was a sac around 5 weeks but didn’t see the baby till closer to 6 weeks my baby boy is now a year and half

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I went thru the same last year they saw a sac but they didn’t see fetal pole so either it was too early to see or it was a miscarriage took few weeks with my levels going up they went back down just days before I lost the baby. Hopefully it’s just too early to see.

I didn’t see my daughter til almost 9 weeks. They almost did a D&C cause the first Dr was convinced I had a miscarriage

I had a miscarriage /chemical pregnancy back in February around 5 weeks.

At 5 weeks you won’t see a bubba just a sac hun fingers crossed your just earlier and everything is perfect x

It’s to early to see the baby but seeing the sac is a good thing

I understand exactly what you are feeling and going through. I know everything you are feeling. I too miscarried and had a surprise pregnancy a year ago that started just like you have mentioned. I went week after week and no heartbeat low progesterone was what I heard every time. I hope yours ends better than mine. I know the affect it can have on you. Prayers and love your way.

Search Blighted ovum. I had one in Feb😞

At 5 weeks it’s possible baby is just too small. Your levels should be doubling every 48 hours. I’m currently almost 37 weeks and in the beginning of this pregnancy my numbers were super low at first but they were doubling the way they should have been. I got a vaginal ultrasound and this is what it looked like… not a very noticeable sac. I felt discouraged and afraid but my baby boy is now almost ready to come into this world. Prior to this boy I had lost one last year only a few months before i found out I was pregnant with him. Don’t be discouraged think positive and listen to what your doctors say and if it doesn’t seem right to you always get a second opinion! Best of luck mama!


You can’t see the baby at 5 weeks gestation. My levels were at 384 when I first found out I was pregnant, I am now u months perfectly healthy. Levels will double every day.