Do you think I am over reacting about social distancing?

Do you think I am overreacting when it comes to social distancing and Coronavirus precautions? Ok, so I am 41 weeks pregnant, and I have a two-year-old at home. My partner is thankfully at home with us; we are blessed that he has a job that has him staying home for the quarantine. However, he is not taking it seriously; when he goes out he does not wash his hands when he gets back; he doesn’t use any sort of sanitizer and will touch/feed our toddler. He wants to go to the shooting range and be out doing things. And he calls me crazy for being worried that he is allowing his family to visit our toddler and us when they have not been practicing social distancing either. And they kiss/ hug/touch, my toddler, without washing hands. I feel really bad if I am overreacting. I love his family. I just want to protect ours because I and our son are higher risks right now.


No he needs to get his shit in line this isnt a joke

You are not overreacting! I would be pissed.


Not overreacting at all. If one of us has to go to the store we immediately throw the clothes we were wearing in the washer and get a shower. What does he not understand?

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It should just be normal to wash your hands after being out… even before all this virus stuff we always wash our hands after a outing. Sorry but your husband is a idiot.


No your not overreacting at all.

Girl! I would loooooooose it on him. You are super pregnant, if he continues like he is doing there’s a chance they won’t let him in the hospital with you. He’s got to start actually social distancing or it could absolutely cause y’all issues and with a newborn on the way that is the last thing you need!


He is the crazy one. This is real and can kill anyone.

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I’d just start telling the family myself " Will you please wash your hands first? Thank you." If they won’t then remove your kiddo from the situation. Protecting your kids and yourself is absolutely ok.


Your husband and is family are being irresponsible and selfish. I’d be throwing a major pregnant lady tantrum if I were you.


I’m in a similar boat. No one is listening to me either. My brother is a good for nothing waste sack and all he does is mooch off everyone. My husband and father pay half the rent each (bad divorce situation) and my brother is continuing to bring his friends over and refuse to listen to anyone. We obviously can’t move in the middle of this but I’m going crazy

I’d be mad, I always wondered and worried for the pregnant mommas… I believe some babies have passed away in the United States…

Girl tell them how you feel if they love you baby and you that will respect that you are trying to do what’s best for your family

No. Your partner is CRAZY!!! You need to put your foot down. You all should not be having visitors. Period!


I’d be pissed. You aren’t overreacting at all.

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Absolutely not. You are high risk and your newborn is high risk. If either one of you get it they will separate you from your child. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Nope you are not! The crazy thing is that statistics show that men are contracting the virus more than women and yet they walking around like they’re invinsible!

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You’re not overreacting. This is a serious thing and people need to be following the safety precautions

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Show him the article of the death of a 1 day old baby in baton rouge

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I would be pissed off.
Don’t care what ANYONE (including my children’s father) thought about how I handled it. Someone has to give a shit!! Sure as hell ain’t them…