Do you think I will need a c-section?

I’m currently 34 weeks with my second child and he is weighing 2.5 KJ… Just wondering if any other mothers were weighing this big at 34 weeks and if delivery was normal or if you needed a C-section??


It all depends on your body and your doctor :two_hearts:
I had two c sections not due to weight and if you do end up having to have one I have lots of tips if you want them! Praying for you mama!

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If this is in kilograms that’s only 5.5 pounds. Why would you be worried? (Asking seriously)


Ultrasounds can be wrong up to about 2lbs in either direction so I wouldn’t completely rule out a vaginal birth. If you are worried I would ask for another growth scan closer to 40 weeks


Seems small to me but every baby is different. my baby was born at 31 weeks and was 2 pound 14 oz. then I had my boys at 34 weeks and they both were 5.2

My little girl was roughly 2lbs at her twenty week ultra sound and ended up weighing 11lbs of pure joy !!!


You’d be amazed at what your body can do. Always TRY vaginally first. My first at 20 yrs old was only 7 ounces from 10 lbs! All natural. With my second, 37 week scan showed 7lbs so they estimated around 11 lbs, induced at 39wks 6days and she was 8.1. Dont let anyone scare you or deter you from doing what naturally women were made to do!


My lb was weighing 5lb at 33 weeks I’m now nearly 35 weeks. My daughter was born at 5lb 15oz at 37+6 so expecting a big baby this time

A coworker of mine had her son all naturally and he was a little over 14 pounds. You don’t need a cesarean because of size.


The growth scans arent really accurate… I went for my last scan at 36+6 and he was weighing 6lb odd and I had him at 42 weeks and he was only 8lb 6oz and they say they put on a lb a week towards the end so I dont believe them😂


Can I ask how much is 2.5 K.J

At 34 weeks my daughter was weighing 6.5 lbs and I had her early at 36 weeks she weighed 7.5 lbs. the doctor said it all depends on your body

That’s a normal weight for that far along…

I’m currently just over 37 weeks had a growth scan on Thursday morning. They said baby is sitting between 7 and 8pounds

I had an ultrasound with my daughter the day before she was born and they told me she was 8lbs…she was born the next day at 9lbs 5 oz.

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Both kids of mine over 8lbs you should be fine

Still early. Wait until closer and you’ll know more. It was about my 37/38 week apt that we did an ultrasound to check his weight (because we knew he was big) and found that he was about 8lbs. Based on my size and his potential size I opted for a c-section. Was an excellent decision for me- he was 8lbs 15oz and because of how I am built and how he is built it was the best choice I could have made. I also recovered really quickly

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I had a section for my first weighing 9lb 8 1/2 oz and I was too small to do naturally. My second was a planned section as they said he was over 10lb, he was born at 8lb 3 1/2oz so they got it well wrong!!! Don’t stress just go with the flow xx

At 5ish lbs thats not big to have more weight. That could be 8ish if that. Ultrasound measurements are inaccurate at that gestation

My baby was weighing 6lbs at 35 weeks she was gaining a pound a week they induced me at 37weeks because the ultrasound was showing 8lbs at 36-37 weeks and the ultrasound lady told us if she would go to 40 weeks I’d be delivering a 11lb baby. And I had hypertension so they decided to induce me and I was in labor for 2 1/2 days and it turned into a c-section because she was stuck she was born at 8lb 12oz