Do you wipe down counters after doing dishes?

When doing the dishes, do you JUST do the dishes, or is wiping down the counters afterward part of doing the dishes?


I always wipe down the counters.

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Um why wouldn’t you wipe down the counters.

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Counters,stove, fridge ,sweep floors :woman_shrugging:

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i always clean my sink with antibacterial cleaner before and after i do the dishes then do the same with the counter tops after the dishes are done

I wipe down the whole kitchen everything we touched

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I wipe down the oven counters and every thing right in that area after I do the dishes

Wipe down counters and sweep the floor.

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Yup I wipe down absolutely everything and sweep the floor lol

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Wipe down the counters lol

Counters, stove and table every time

Dishes. And counter and sweep! And get trash together if its full.

I wipe the counters. However, if I ask someone to do the dishes, I would never expect them to assume that I also want them to wipe the counters.


Depends on how over the day I am :rofl: I’m normally constantly wiping down my counters throughout the day anyways

Wipe down all the counters, stove top and clean the sink when done

Always wipe down the counter, its part of doing the dishes


Counters, stove top, and table

Wipe down the counters cause water splashes when doing dishes

I wipe it all down…counters stove…all of it

Wipe down the whole kitchen basically. Stove, counters, sink, handles if there are any (especially on the fridge) then sweep up