Doctors are concerned that my babies head is too big: Advice?

I went to the doctors the other day for my five-month-old. She was born at 32w and since then has done absolutely amazing. She’s 13lbs 3 oz and was born at 3lbs 10oz. She’s meeting all milestones for a normal five-month-old baby and is very smart. My concern is she needs a sonogram on her head because it’s too big and her doctors concerned. Her dad and I both have big heads, so I’m not really sure where the concern is coming from. Has anyone else had to get a sonogram for their baby’s head because it was too big? Was it fine?


Obviously you first want to make sure all is well with your baby. But, my son had a very big head. An infant hat would not fit on him. Needed toddler size!!! He turned out to be 6’4" and head is normal…

Unless they are saying things like encephalitis I wouldn’t be to concerned. Probably more precautionary than anything.

My kid was a 31weeker and had a brain bleed, on top of being a pound under sized at birth. Her head was on the growth charts 6months before her body. Nothing wrong, just had a really big head lol

When in doubt, be safe. This is your KID!!!

Dr who be sure are the good ones

They told me 1000 things with my second child, including that she had a cyst in the brain, Missing a foot etc, big head. She came out perfect and she is the healthiest child. :slight_smile: Dont worry too much.

MRI done for big head. It was fine!

There are many reasons a child’s head is measuring big. It’s best to rule out health issues. My son has a big head and he’s healthy. A friend’s baby had a tumor…cancer. He is now cancer free but the treatment has damaged his hearing. But he is a happy toddler.

I’d rather have a Doctor that’s overly cautious than passive.


Sounds like you have a good doctor who just wants to be sure everything is ok. Haven’t experienced this myself but I hope the tests come back fine. Praying for your little one momma!


I’d go with the Dr. He has the degree. It’s better to be informed.

Definently get it done. My son had a scan done and they found he has hydrocephalus. Better to be checked out and find there is no cause for concern.

Dont worry a lot of kids have above average heads…they grow into them.


Sometimes encephalitis but is also sometimes an indication of being on the autism spectrum. Could also be nothing. I’d wait for testing. My daughter was literally nicknamed big head but has since grown into her head at age 3 1/2. She is also however high functioning autistic and extremely intelligent. No matter what your baby clearly has love and support and so will be ok. Good luck and stay strong.

My son’s head was 14.5" when he was born. Always big. We did all the tests and even a 4 hour developmental test. He is fine. And grew into his head just fine.

If you don’t trust your doctor go see another one. You really don’t need medical advice from fb


My daughter and other family members had a big head. The Dr’s said it is fine and she will grow into it. She is 25 now and perfectly proportioned. So Maybe your doctor is just weighing on the side of caution.

Rule out health concerns and then tell the doctor that she’ll grow into her head. She needs it that big since she’s smarter than the doctor and has to store all those bedside manners the doctor doesn’t have! :slight_smile:

He just wants to check for swelling in the head. There’s a lot of babies that have big heads.