Doctors found irregular cells on my cervix: Advice?

So, to be honest with you, I’m quite terrified. I’m a young mom of two with a baby also on the way. I went in for a normal pap smear, and they found irregular cells on my cervix lining and now want to do a more in-depth look with a magnifying tool. I’m absolutely scared I have some sort of cervical cancer or something. Has this ever happened to any of you? Could it possibly be normal and not a big deal? I’m so terrified that I may have to deal with this and possibly be at risk of not being here to watch my babies grow up. I just really need some support and to be told it’ll be okay because right now, I don’t feel like it’ll be okay, and I worry for not only the baby boy I’m carrying, but also the two kiddos I have that are already here. Xoxo, From a really scared mama