Doctors found something in the umbilical cord: What could it be?

I recently found out my unborn child possibly has only one artery in their umbilical cord. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this or has any advice before we see high-risk ob/GYN.


My son had that! He is 9 years old and is perfect. The one artery made up for the other one. They scared me throughout my whole pregnancy.


My daughter had that. 3 1/2 years old, very healthy

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I had that with my daughter. She’s totally healthy and always has been. They’ll probably do a screening to make sure everything is okay, so just listen to your doctors and try not to worry. It’s not actually that uncommon.

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My son had that! He is perfectly fine and healthy 2yr old boy! This is actually more common than you think…I had egentic testing as a precaution which was fine Amen! However my OBGYN advised me it is common for babies with SUA to have heart defects so at the second trimester I was referred to a cardiologist where they did an ultrasound to confirm his heart was developing well. They confirmed all 4 chanbers of my sons heart were just fine!

They thought my son had that and they were wrong. The tech was terrible at his job and read it wrong

I’ve never heard of this, Hope it relieves your fears a little to hear it’s so common! When my daughter was born with a VSD (hole in between lower 2 chambers) and I was a wreck until some ladies in a mom group like this assured me it’s more common than I knew and they usually grow and it fixes itself.

My daughter had one artery in her umbilical cord. They told us she would be premature and underweight. She was a week late and 10lbs. They also told us she could have heart and kidney issues. She passed all her EKGs and peed in the first 10 minutes of being born. There can be serious side effects, but I’ve known others than just my daughter and they are all healthy and happy kids.

My 3rd daughter had this, they say low birth weight and such and she was my smallest however she was born 3 weeks early and still 5lbs. Went home next day. She’s now 6 :slight_smile:


My first pregnancy I experienced this. Came out great. Will be 10 in February.

Both of my pregnancies, the Umbilican cord had only one artery versus two. Both were born just fine.

I had that with my daughter… we had extra ultrasounds and monitoring but had no problems with it at all… she’s a happy healthy 21 month old now :slight_smile:

They will just moniter growth more closely. DONT GOOGLE IT. Seriously, every person I know that has experienced it has had a healthy child, including me!!

Had it with my daughter. She’s 10 months and amazing.

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My son had that. They scared me into thinking he would be born early and tiny. I was induced 2 weeks past my due date and he was 9 pounds. He’s 3 1/2 and perfectly healthy! :blush:

My son had that, and he is a healthy 15 year old now. Never had a problem.

Yepp! It’s single umbilical artery. (Sometimes abbreviated as SUA) My daughter had it and came out fine! I got extra ultrasounds to check on her frequently, but she came out just fine! :slight_smile:

Ask the doctor immediately after he tells you??? Sounds like logic to me😅

An artery, a fibroid, a clot, a shadow, a fluid leak, an infection, literally anything or nothing just wait until you see the specialist

Occasionally, there is only the one single umbilical artery (SUA) present in the umbilical cord. This is sometimes also called a two-vessel umbilical cord, or two-vessel cord. Approximately, this affects between 1 in 100 and 1 in 500 pregnancies, making it the most common umbilical abnormality. You have a 1% chance of this happening.