Doctors say I have an odd shaped placenta: Advice?

I could really use some support on a recent visit I had with my OB doctor. I previously went in for an ultrasound for my 20-week mark visit. After reviewing the results with my OB doctor, she referred me to a high-risk doctor to have a check after what the last tech have discovered. I went to see the high-risk doctor at 23 weeks, and they have concluded that my placenta is shaped oddly. The edges are curved, and he had explained to me that they are slowly caving in. I forgot exactly what he called it. But it could affect the baby’s growth and said if anything was to happen, he would like me to deliver. He did say currently the baby measures right on point, and nothing seems to be wrong with the baby. Has anyone had this condition? If so, could you please share your experiences?


I had some what the same problem with my oldest son. Except my placenta was bruised somehow and took up part of the inside. I just had to go to the dr more frequently and I was eventually induced a month early. My son came out at 7lbs 4oz. So if you have an attentive doctor that keeps a close eye on things everything will be ok

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Im 33 weeks and have a complete placenta previa. My placenta covers my cervix. Which means i have to have a c section. Im currently hospitalized bc i had a very bad bleeding episode last week. I was transferred to a better hospital and they are making me stay here until delivery

I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta at 20 weeks they said it could change around 30 weeks but it never did and it was covering my cervix so after I started bleeding like crazy at 36 weeks I had to have an emergency csection :pensive: but thankfully my son is ok and he’s a month old.

Circumvallate placenta?

I didn’t have that condition but I had to deliver at 29 weeks due to my placenta failing and she spent 2 and a half months in the NICU and she’s been home 3 weeks now and is just perfect as ever

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So grateful this was caught and is being monitored!!! You and your baby will be fine. :kissing_heart:

This happened to me. I went into preterm labor when i was 30 weeks and was in hospital on bed rest until I had him at 33 weeks he was 2 pounds 12 inches when he was born.

Prayers that yuh n yuhr baby r okay n yuh make it to term so sad I’m pregnant as well never easy hearing there could be something wrong I’d totally stay right on top of everything w them good luck

I was 34 weeks and my placenta was flat on one side. My baby lost oxygen and passed. No warning signs… Nothing…when i delivered the the Dr showed me the placenta and cord. The cord was very twisted like a telephone cord. Ask for Non stress tests 2x week.