Doctors told me my son has a cyst on his spine: Advice?

My doctor just told me my son has a cyst on his spine. I am 21 weeks pregnant. Has anyone had this happened? Was everything okay? What should I do?


My daughter had a cyst in her bile duct, she was born and the cyst disappeared. Don’t worry mummy everything will be fine.


Listen to your dr. Dont panic. They will advise or get second opinion. Try to stay calm. For the good of the baby.

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My daughter had this too. The Dr’s kept a very close eye on it lots of extra ultrasounds. It ended up going away before I gave birth to her.


My son had a cyst somewhere in his abdomen, they gave me more ultrasound appointments then usual to keep an eye on it but by the time he was born it was gone.

Both mine had one on their heads. Listen to your doctor. They will keep an eye on it, most cysts usually go away before birth.

Did he say where the cyst was or if he was going to do more tests??? It could indicate a variety of things depending on where it is and stuff. How worried did he seem???

They definitely should have given you more information. I know sometimes babies “grow out of cysts” on certain parts of their bodies… they’ll likely monitor you but you should definitely follow up with your doctor and ask more questions!


No offense to anyone here, but your experience has no bearing. Every case is so completely different. Every diagnosis, prognosis, outcome, complication will vary. So, the OP should truly be more concerned with what professionals say. Or just ask for support and understanding which I’m sure we would provide.


When I was pregnant with my now 5 year old she had a cyst in her brain that dissolved before she was born. They will monitor it throughout and definitely ask lots of questions.

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Let this poor mama just ask for some advice geez…all the ask this person, no one is the same, ask your doctor stuff might be true but maybe she just needs something to give her some hope or someone else’s experience to make her feel not so alone and scared. You got this mama sending you great vibes​:heart::blue_heart:


My doctor told me my son’s spine wasn’t connected. I went to ultrasound after ultrasound. Specialist all over. They scared me, my son came out perfectly fine. When he was born of course they checked him alot but he was fine. Do not stress to much, if you stress the baby will too. Relax, breath and go to any and all appointments necessary.


I’m 26. In my moms ultrasound (18 weeks) they had seen a cyst on my brain. By the time she hit 35 weeks it was gone. And I’m healthy as can be. It sounds scary but just monitor it and keep asking questions! I’m wishing you all the best!!

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when i was 7mths pregnant my son was diagnosed with heart tumors I was told my son wasn’t gonna make it but I thank god he is here he is 11 yrs only we saw a Cardolgist when he was 3 his heart tumors were gone prayer comes along way he was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex which cause them he has one in each kidney and in his brain he had a biopsy everytime I went to the dr i was so scared but til this day hea been well the drs could not belive the ultrasound from his heart we thought it was dwn stay strong i know its hard going throw it while pregnant but at times drs can be wrong keeping u and the baby in my prayers i wish I had pictures to show u.

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My daughter had a cyst on her brain that disolved by 30 weeks. Prayers the same for you. Wouldn’t not worry unless they seemed worried. My daughter is perfectly fine. 3 years old now and smart as can be!

Did he say where? Is it the tailbone area? They told me the same about my daughter. Had to go to a specialist who said there was no threat and no need to remove. I was really scared too. But she’s almost 2 and no problems.

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I have not read comments, but just please ask for a specialist and keep talking to doctors until you have answers!!! I have not dealt with it in an unborn baby, but my sister who was 26 at the time was told that she had one and the doctors did surgery that as it turns out was not needed and ultimately she died at 27 after having surgery because of a mishap… PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE EXCEPT A DOCTOR AND DONT LISTEN UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT OPINIONS!!! ask as many questions as possible. I am 36 and have had 5 spinal surgeries and need another… DONT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE MULTIPLE DOCTORS SAYING THE SAME THING!!! best wishes love


Yeah, I would probably ask a lot of neurologists rather than random people who’s medical degrees come from Wikipedia and webmd


I don’t have any advice I’m sorry but guys she is obviously talking to the doctors she’s asking for experiences and advice


Most cysts are benign. Once the baby is here, everything will either be fine, or promptly fixed.