Does a jeep wrangler fit 3 carseats?

Okay, so I and my husband have three kids, and we were wondering about buying a Jeep Wrangler is there any moms that have one and fit three car seats in it ??


My mom has one and she can fit 3 in hers

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4 doors, yes; 2 doors, no

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I have a 4 door wrangler and i have a infant car seat and a booster seat then my older daughter sits in the middle and its pretty tight

2 door no for sure 4 door not sure.

Ford F150 all the way!!! Thats what we decided after looking around. So much room. Biggest back seat and super safe. We have 2 rear facing toddlers seats and an infant carrier in this photo


I have a 2 door and I can fit 2!

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Not Easily. And if a two door forget it…

I have 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Fits 2 bulky car seats. Not a third. Maybe if they were small boosters.

I don’t know about a wrangler but I had a liberty and it only fit two. But my husband’s Ford Explorer fits 2 infant and a forward facing seat comfortably with plenty of room.

Check on diono car seats, they are meant to fit three across.


Diono car seats fit three in a row!

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I wouldn’t recommend. It’s going to be very tight. And depending on how bulky the car seat is… it might only end up fitting 2.

3 kids means it times to upgrade to a mommy van. :joy:
You can fit 3 carseats in a jeep but do you really want your kids that close to eachother? Lol they’re going to fight and hit and scratch and throw things while you’re driving

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Join car seats for the littles on fb. You can give them your vehicle, kids stats and what carseats being used. If they won’t fit they will recommend seats based on kids stats and price range

I have an Acadia, with my middle row being 2 captain chairs. I have 2 convertible car seats in the captain chairs and my step daughter (11) sits in the way back. Trunk is tight. Able to fit stroller though cause I can put one side of seat down.

Idk about wrangler but we had a Jeep Compass and it was soooo small. Did good to fit 2 safety1st car seats.

Our wrangler only fits 2 in the back.

I have a Sahara unlimited Jeep Wrangler 4 doors and we have one car seat that barely fits! I curse so bad getting my daughter in and out i have so many bruises. We r def trading it in just keep putting it off cuz i just paid it off :roll_eyes: idk how you could possibly fit 3 car seats safely.

No it will only got two car seats I had one