Does any know if there are requirements to get tubes tied?

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Pretty sure, 1 child of each and at least 25.

I think it depends on each state. When I lived in NC, I had mine done when I was 23 after my last son. He was my 6th. But NH wouldn’t do it until 24 or 3 children.

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I think it really depends on the doctor. One of my friends wanted to get her tubes tied after her second and he OB told her she was too young, she was 30 at the time. She ended up going into labor and having a different doctor do her c-section and the doctor did it for her. Im not sure why anyone is allowed to tell you what you can do with your body, but that seems to be the case.


I was 35 with one child and all I had to do was ask. I’m old though, so that could be why they didn’t give me a hard time. I’ve heard horror stories

Doctors will want to tell you no. If you are sure it’s 100% what you want than be prepared to fight and fight hard.

You’re gonna have to ask your doctor. There are some out there that still require your husband’s permission :woozy_face:

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I got my done at 23 after my 3rd child, but I had to sighn a paper saying thats what I wanted to do, then asked me again away from husband to make sure it was my choice, then highly recommended I speak to a therapist first. Whitch I did not

Sign a paper and wait 30 days


They told my sister in law she had to be 25 with two kids to get hers done I requested it after my four month old was born and got it done but he’s .y third bio child and I was 30 when he was born

I just asked before I had my second son last April and my ob talked me out of it telling me I need to be 200 percent sure. I’m 30 and have had three pregnancies. I never got it done. In the end my bf decided to get a vasectomy which was a little to late because 5 days before he was scheduled I found out we were expecting again lol. So now I’m gonna tell my ob I want my tubes tied regardless and there will be no talking me out of it after this baby is born.

I had my only child at 30 in FL and could have had my tubes tied if I hadn’t of gone to a Catholic hospital.

Any idea how to get them untied

Where Im at you have to be 25, have 3 kids, and if youre married you have your husbands permission. My sister has been fighting for 3 years to have hers tied. Her and my brother in law knew they only wanted one and my sister has been persistent about it with her doctor. We used to go to the same one until I switched so Im not sure how my new office is.

Be at least 28 or have 2 children, if you’re married (SOME places want partner’s approval).

I had mine done when I was 21.

I had mine done at 21

Depends on the state. In wi I had to either have 3 kids or be 25. They def asked me about 50 times if I was sure and wouldn’t I want another child if one of my kids died… but in the end they did it.

I really had to put up a fight at 27 with one kid. I had a lot of medical issues that made me not want more. The young doctors kept refusing. I finally got a doctor older than dirt to agree to it.

Planned parenthood can help you if your doctor rejects your request

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