Does anyone else deal with adult dyslexia?

Does anyone have adult dyslexia? I struggle badly with the order of numbers. I have no issues with letters, but I will mess up a sequence of numbers EVERY TIME. It’s gotten so bad recently I entered a card number wrong to pay a bill two weeks in a row and got hit with a late fee . Any tips???


Me. No tips. I just kinda live with it.

Yes that’s a big problem for me

Why dont you go get it checked.

Try to slow down when reading cards it helps to break it down say its 4016 memorize forty,sixteen if you use that trick it helps

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I have found that I always am more successful dealing with numbers earlier in the day before I get tired & covering each number with a card when reading it ,writing it , or balancing it also helps…forcing me to focus on just one number at a time…also reading with a note card or book marker helps the flow of words from jumbling up!

Play an app that helps you with numbers…hmm lemme help you find one

Just FYI when it’s numbers it’s dyscalculia. Dyslexia is words and letters. Good luck!


You have to slow down a d consintrate. Double, triple check. And dont let it get you down. :heart:

Type in the key word numbers in google play on your phone and pick the game you think would help you practice numbers the best

Dyscalculia…I have some struggles with it too. I just have to remind myself to slow down and double or triple check as needed

Go really slow and double and triple check. I am not sure I have it but when I used to work drive thru at Wendy’s I would get totals wrong all the time because I would reverse numbers and some people were really nice about it and others would throw a bitch fit. Don’t let it discourage you.

Also, say the number out loud before you write or type it in

Triple check then triple check again. I feel you. Been a struggle my whole life

That way you remember it 2X before you use it if that makes sense. You think about saying it and then you write/type it.

I do. I just became a checker at a market. It’s been tuff. But I getting it 1 day at a time

If it’s more to do with numbers, it could be Dyscalculia.

You just have to check and re check after writing it in. I always have to recheck double times to make sure I wrote it in right

It helps me to say the numbers out loud & picture the number in my mind. If anything distracts me (like any noise) I have to start over.

My mother has dealt with it her whole life and she is in her late 60s, her secret to getting through is to show down and focus. She may have to read something several times over till she gets it but she can’t get frustrated.