Does anyone else dislike baby wearing?

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but anyone else dislike baby wearing because it’s so uncomfortable? I see so many moms fawn over how great it is, but I just feel like I’m lugging around bricks when I tried with my boys and now with my nieces baby. My back instantly hurts. It’s like bringing a tire up each stair. I’m out of shape, but I cant be alone! Lmao


My back hurts too. But for me, its more for my sanity on the baby not crying.

Probably the carrier you’re using. I like Ergo

The right carrier helps a ton

The right carrier helps a ton

Yeah I had an ergo and some other ones but after a while my back would bother me. It would just be easier to not use it.

I wanted to love it but my son hated it :see_no_evil:

The right carrier makes all the difference

Like mentioned above the carrier is probably a huge problem. Fit is everything. I didn’t start out to be a baby wearing momma it just happened lol it was just so much more convenient lol

I like carrying because its easier for me to deal with my toddler when I’m in town without my husband. My back does hurt after a while but usually adjusting my carrier helps with it

I think you haven’t found the right carrier. I tried 7!! Finally settled on a Beco Gemini, I have a bad back and this carrier is the only one I’ve found that the straps cross in the back, it makes a WORLD of difference on my back!! Good luck momma.

I never liked baby wearing either. I did it when I had to, but I avoided it as much as I could. I have back issues though, so that made it worse

I don’t like it either but I have wiggly very vocal babies so maybe that’s why🤷🏼‍♀️

My babies were so big, wearing them was not fun and didnt last long. I feel like it is only for small babies.

You need to get a good baby carrier . I used a Tula baby and had a heavy baby. Have worn him for quite a few hours without any pain!

Got twins and even though I know it is possible, I just don’t wanna. I got enough trouble trying to carry myself around. Lol. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes it can be very hard on the back. I have a DIY wrap and a buckle one. For me if I put on my back it hurts worse than when I baby wear in the front for whatever reason. But in order for me to get stuff done sometimes this is how it goes.

How big is the baby you’re trying to carry

Oh my lord I hated it. My daughter hated it. I found that I would get ‘mom shamed’ by babywearers for not wearing her all the time.
‘You just haven’t found the right carrier’ Well I’m sorry Linda but I don’t have $200 each week to spend on a new freaking carrier because my kid hated the last one.
What worked for me? The stroller.


Find the right carrier higher on the chest not down on the belly if you wear them side on the side high back same thing high and tight it didn’t start bothering me until they got older usually about 9 months to a year and then I would tell my husband to do it it keeps my hands free if I have to carry them