Does anyone else have a 16-month-old that still nurses a lot?

Does anyone have a 16-month old that still nurses frequently? She nurses a lot throughout the day and also still wakes up during the night. She’s on the chunky side, and I’m afraid it’s contributing to that because she is, of course, also eating solid food.


My youngest was about 2 when he weaned it’s fine breast milk is better than any other liquid


Following. My son is 17 months nurses alot. Wakes up 5 or 6 times a night wanting to nurse


My son nursed on demand until 16 months. Then I started the weaning process because I was exhausted and I knew he didn’t really need it. It became so frequent and he’d get mad if I said no so I was ready to wean. We weaned very slowly for him and I. We finally stopped completely at around 19 months (in March). If you have questions on how I did it, feel free to message me!

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Well you could take the steps to dry up your breasts and there won’t be anything to eat. You can use cold cabbage leaves on your breasts. Hugs. Good luck

My 2nd son nursed until he turned 2. By then its mainly just habit. Try distracting methods when she wants to nurse, just during the day at first. Offer her a snack, cup, do a puzzle, anything to take her mind off of nursing. You just have to slowly and gradually get her out of the habit. My first stopped at 12 months and it was easier. But it was a few months to wean my second since he was 2 by that point. We just weaned slow and steady. Eventually he stopped asking.

My 4 year old nursed til he was 3. And still wakes up in the night to crawl into my bed (a habit we are going to try and break).

Mine turns 15 months day after tomorrow, she still nurses quite often, but is on the thin side. If you are worried about the baby being chunky, make sure that the food you are offering is healthy (lots of fruit, veggies. No chicken nuggets/fries, etc) breastmilk from the tap won’t overfeed the baby.

My daughter is almost 18 months and is still on the boob… a lot! Haha. Breast milk is so good for them. The more active they get the more calories they will burn so don’t stress the chunky yet mama. It’s good.

My son nursed very frequently throughout the day and night up until he weaned at 2 years.

My daughter nursed until she was 2 and a half. All day and through out the night.

My son is 17month still nurses at night and maybe once or twice during the day. I’m ready for him to wean as he has been clinching when he falls asleep while nursing and leaves me in tears. I’m over it now.

Babies used to be nursed until even 3 or 4 in vs studies past. She is getting good nutrition. Probably enjoys closeness with you. I would not worry for awhile. Unless you have creamy milk it will not make her heavy. Babies that age often get a little chunky as they get ready for a growth spurt. If you are really concerned check with her dr. He prepared for a battle to wean her.

I would wean off the night feeds. Reduce the time of the feed by 1 minute/night. After that if the baby wakes, give reassurance but don’t feed. You need your sleep and the child doesn’t need to eat at night.

I have a 14 month old that does! He wakes up 3-4 times to eat at night. he still nurses alot during the day… sometimes I feel like I still have a small baby cluster feeding. He eats alottt of food, just loves the boob .

Somedays, he goes almost all day (except for naps) without nursing. :worried: I’m so ready for him to wean, but not trying to rush it… I know it’s his big comfort thing right now. :heart:

I have an almost 3 year old that still uses bottles. ( I was unable to breastfeed) . My baby likes bottles bc they help him sleep at night and at nap time. He’ll just suckle on an empty bottle too it doesn’t have to be full of anything.i believe it’s a comfort thing and you shouldn’t worry about it. Let your baby be a baby, let them be close to you, because thats all he probably wants. Don’t rush him.:blush:

I let my daughter ween until she was 3 1/2. It was for her comfort and I didn’t rush it. She needed all my immunity and extra calcium while she could still get it. She stopped on her own and I miss her baby milk breath :cry:

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My 16 months old nurses a lot too, like 3-4 times at night and during the day if he don’t have titty he won’t take his naps​:roll_eyes:, it’s pretty exhausting sometimes but he don’t like bottles so I have no option :woman_shrugging:

My son nursed until he was 2. Sometimes more than others. I noticed he nursed a LOT when teething. He wasn’t really fussy like my friends toddlers who didn’t nurse though. It’s like he’d just use me to sooth himself when his gums hurt.

Breastmilk isn’t going to make your kid fatter than they should be. It’s nature’s perfect food for them. I’d look at the solid food she’s eating if her pediatrician is concerned about her weight. If her pediatrician isn’t worried, don’t stress. Toddlers get chunky. Some more than others. If she’s healthy, she’ll probably stretch as a preschooler and lose the baby chunk.

My 21 month old still nurses at least 3-4 times during the day and 2-3 times at night.