Does anyone else have a child that always complains of a stomach ache?

Anyone have a toddler (4yo) complain here and there about stomach aches? My dd is complained about 4-5 times a week but only once a day. I am calling the doctor tomorrow to make an appointment but just wondering if any other mamas experienced this and what was the end result.


My daughter who is 8 used to do this and she is now on a feeding tube. But she has a rare disease the effects her esophagus and her stomach and intestines.

Yes mine is now 7 and still sometimes like that. Since at times they are such picky eaters my little one will get backed up and needs some grape juice for help. Still best to see your pediatrician just to ensure there are no other underlying issues.

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Possibly a dietary issue, maybe an allergy or sensitivity to a food? I experienced this myself when I was a child, turned out I was lactose intolerant.

MILK! My daughter has always had tummy issues, she does not test as being allergic to milk but we know on days she has too much milk she gets the upset tummy and does not sleep well. She is a teenager now and manages it her self, if she has a big Starbucks drink then she won’t have any other dairy all day- if she does she feels unwell. We drink A2 now at home and that has helped, your kid may have a different issue entirely but that was our deal, a food sensitivity that goes all the way back to a colicky baby.

Could be anxiety…


My 4 yo always tells us his tummy hurts when he is hungry

At that age tummy ache could mean a pain anywhere, or anxiety. It shows as a tummy ache.

My 7 yr old did. It was a LOT of different things. He was lactose intolerant, ulcers and gastroenteritis

Is the child taking any vitamins? When my kids took them they all said that they had sore tummies. I changed the vitamin to another brand and they were fine

Another vote for anxiety, my daughter would go to the nurse a few times a week in kindergarten and 1st grade with a stomach ache, they’d get me on the phone at work and all she wanted was to talk to me(try to get picked up more like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but she stopped after a while

Kids dont have a reference for “butterflies in stomach” so often describe anxiety or fear type emotions as pains in the tummy. Not to be excused of course as it may be anither medical condition. Doctors are usually good working it out


My kids don’t do this but I remember when I was little I used to wake up every morning with a stomach so bad it was terrible even now some days as an adult I still do I went to a doctor as a child it turned out I had excessive stomach acid and it was what was causing the stomach problems I basically lived on pepto when I was a child

My daughter did. She has to take prilosec every day and its helped sooo much

Anxiety mines stared complaining about stomach ache once me and my ex slip up he was 3 at the time

My granddaughter does the same thing. We just found out she is allergic to dairy. Every time she eats anything with dairy her stomach hurts

My daughter is 6 now but it started around 3yo. Turns out she has some pretty fierce anxiety, so we’ve been working on coping mechanisms the last few yrs :slight_smile:

Doctor is definitely a good idea. We went thru a tough time when my son was 8 and I used to think he was faking sore stomach to get out of school as it would come on at school gates. We then found out thru a counselor that anxiety can cause symptoms like that. But honestly could be absolutely anything. I hope you get answers quickly

I was this kid, for me it was and still is anxiety. Bad stomach aches.

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In children their age its a sign of anxiety, my son was diagnosed with sever anxiety at the age of 4, everyday he saw his bio dad or heard someone talk about him he got a tummy ache it was the same way with his now wife. We talked to the doctor and she ruled it was his way of showing us his anxiety. :sleepy: