Does anyone else have a late talker?

Does anyone have a late talker? My son is two and a half. He babbles, and I can get tel what he is trying to say but has difficulty with articulation. He can “say” his numbers, ABCs, and colors. He listens to “come here” or “look,” and if he wants to listen when you call his name. It just depends on what he’s preoccupied with. His speech teacher wants to evaluate for DD and Autism. He’s been in speech since September and has made great gains with speaking and communicating! I guess my question is, what would you do? I don’t want him to be labeled at such a young age with something that they observe now when really, we’ve been in a pandemic for a whole year of his life, and so many experiences have been taken from him because of that.


My daughter was a late talker and had to take speech for years. She now won’t stop lol

As a mom with two boys with high functioning autism. Do the testing, it will open up more resources and therapy optiona for your son. No parent wants to label their baby, TRUST ME I KNOW. But with the specialist, it will do nothing but help in certain areas. My 12 year old will be off is IEP this year and you would never know he has ASD. So with good therapy and specialist high functioning Autism can have an IEP and overcome a lot of obstacles others on the spectrum can’t. Count your blessings and don’t worry about the label, bc down the road you and your baby will know how hard he worked to overcome all the struggles. It may not be “autism” but there are so many areas of the spectrum worth doing the testing to help your son excel.


Without a diagnosis(or lack of) you are only addressing the ‘what’ and not ‘why’. Yes speech therapy and social interaction will probably help a ton but without really knowing WHY he is struggling you won’t get ahead of it.

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Do the testing. It helps with resources in the long term.


Do the testing. My son just turned 3 and is the same way, though they said hes still a little too young to be labeled as anything rn they gave him a speech therapist, OT, PT etc… and it has helped him and us so much!!

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When I first started reading this I was like…late talker? Like the kid stays up late talking? Duh…:neutral_face:

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Does he have any other traits of Autism?

My middle child didn’t talk till he was almost 4 and I means didn’t talk at all - he just grunted and growled like a little bear - but when he started school he came on in leaps and bounds and by 6 could talk just as well as any other child his age - he is almost 11 now and he never stops talking :joy:
It’s always worth getting checked over just Incase but just because he isn’t talking doesn’t mean he has ASD :heart:


Yes I totally agree. Get the testing and do not wait. Drs are famous for saying it will
Come with time. But
You will lose valuable time you can’t get back for early intervention. Even if ASD is not the case you will get lots of help along the way. Look into something like tyke talk.


Definitely do the testing, it opens up so many more opportunities and resources!


I have two boys. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 3.
Both have been late talkers.
My oldest was never evaluated for anything until we started having behavior problems. He was diagnosed with adhd at 5. Graduated out of speech not long after starting medication.
My youngest son’s speech therapist wanted him evaluated for autism.
We did part of the testing.
And every yes answer was “but he could be copying his brother”
Which prompted us to have the oldest evaluated (he was just a couple weeks shy of 7).
The youngest eval is still unfinished because we know he has sensory processing disorder and pretty sure he has adhd. And had massive chronic ear infections that severely affected speech. Doc wants to wait to finish the eval. Since the only thing he doesnt qualify for without an autism diagnosis is ABA therapy. (He gets OT and speech and is in developmental prek)

I would say do it. The earlier you know the earlier you can help him and get supports into place that will benefit him in the long run.

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I had two “late talkers” my now 7 year old is reading at a middle school level and his vocabulary is better than most adults. My four year old they tried to label as autistic but I knew better. He was super social but just particular. I used to call him feral. Okay okay mom truth I still do and probably will till he is 30. Trust your gut and advocate for what you know is the truth because I knew he wasnt autistic and now at 4 there is no way you could mistake him as such but back then he needed speech therapy. Mainly because his big brother understood him better than anyone and he spoke for him all the time. As much as it frustrated me he still understands him better than anyone and they are best friends. Get whatever help you can for him but he is only two and this year has taken its toll. I would let it ride for a bit longer and reevaluate at 3 and consider preschool. Where he has to interact with other kids and a teacher. He will come home with a whole slew on new words lol most of them good ones :slight_smile:


Our daughter and my son were both late talkers…after 3 they didn’t stop talking!!!:rofl::rofl: our son has been in honor classes for years, and daughter is going to start preschool soon

My son just turned 3 and is somewhat delayed, he says any word you say, can tell you what he needs, and has some 3-4 word phrases, just having difficulty forming sentences. His ped didn’t think he needed a speech refferal yet but I feel otherwise and he goes for his eval in two weeks! He is very smart, polite and socialable, just needs an extra push with his sentences. Even in the past week of trying different at home exercises, he has been improving daily😊
If they were to suggest any other further testing though, I would get it done! Knowing is better than guessing!

They tested my granddaughter and we experienced the same feelings, but what happens when they are diagnosed with autism is amazing. They have sooo many neat programs and help. It was a good thing. It also helped us learn to communicate with her and understand what she was experiencing. Now is a good time to be on the spectrum. Get him tested. My mom never had me tested and school was soooo difficult for me. Embrace it and grow with him. You won’t regret it.

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Do the testing. As a mom who is barely getting services for an adult son is that I’m giving you this advice.

My father didn’t talk until he was 4. Very bright and is on the spectrum. Very bright man. He also said with 2 older sisters, his mother and elderly Aunt living in the same house all his needs were met so he didn’t need to talk. Early intervention will assist you and your child. I was finally diagnosed as Aspergers last year at 57. My whole life would have been different if it was recognised, understood and I was given tips on how I could function etc and not be that blunt person etc! Do the adults around your child speak quickly? Many of us are fast talkers and our children are repeating what they hear. Has there been a hearing test done? Don’t be afraid of labels.

I would get him tested as he will such better opertunities for services and resources and a better chance of catching up to his peers beings it was caught earlier on. Of you wait It could cause him to suffer through school longer and become further frustrated.

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My boys didn’t start fully talking until 3-3.5 they say boys tend to take longer my daughter on the other hand is 2 and can tell you a full story.

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First of all - it’s a spectrum. Your kid isn’t a functional idiot. Sometimes people on the ASD spectrum (you’ll hear it a lot) are fully functional people with learning disabilities. Your child is one of the diagnosed kids that require speech. ASD is sometimes part of it. Please read up about it. Also, Eminem is ASD. So was Albert Einstein. There were a great deal of scientists and other wonderful people on the spectrum, as well. They truly are some of the most magnificent people I’ve ever known.

Secondly, it was likely a paediatrician that felt the need for certain improvements. Speech pathology only happens through paediatric doctors. Likely, your child has disorders that the medical health care system deemed worthy of a diagnosis. Children can progress, but there are several other specialists that may come along - if they’re on the ASD spectrum.

These kids need to have a huge support team. They will also, likely, require other therapists down the road. No one really gets “labeled” where I live. I do not understand this terminology? You just find the proper medical health care and mental health care - sometimes, dental. Life happens and you carry on.

We all have our own weaknesses and flaws as humans. Sometimes it’s best to follow medical advice. I have two kids on the ASD spectrum. One is very popular with their friends and the friends never judge them. Life is easier for kids with proper medical care; if you let them grow and thrive.

Do everything you can to support your child through this medical journey. Parenting isn’t for the weak of heart. Doctors and medical science specialists are trained for these cases, so your child’s diagnosis is in good hands. Just love them like any other kid. Get them the help when approved for it. Your child deserves the best advancements of medical science - physical and mental health. They’ll thank you for it when they’re older!

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