Does anyone else have an 11-month-old that talks a lot?

Does anyone have any early talking babies? My niece is 11 months and is saying like 50 words. At first, I didn’t really believe my sister, tbh. I didn’t think she was lying necessarily just hearing things lol, but I spent the weekend there, and sure enough, this baby is talking. According to my sister, she has been for a while, which I definitely believe now. Anyone else experiences this? I find it so interesting.


Yep had a granddaughter who was speaking sentences by 1

My daughter was making three word sentences when she was 8 months, she would say things like “pick me up”, “I want mama”, “no bad dog”

I had a son like that he is 21 now but I remember taking him to the dr at 2 years old and telling the dr that he had ear pain and the dr didn’t believe me that my son clearly said his ear hurt but then he told the dr " this ear hurt bad" the dr was amazed he was my first baby so I thought it was normal

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Little boy at my daycare spoke early and by 18 months sentences but couldnt walk yet… funny so at almost 3 I feel like year 2 was longer because he has always felt older

My first daughter was saying partial sentences at that age but my second daughter is about 16 months and barely says like three words. They’re all different

My daughter was like this. She’s 2 now her speach and vocabulary Is ahead of her age. Makes communication so much easier cause she can just tell me exactly what she wants so tantrums don’t happen so much.

All three of my daughters were talking before turning one. Not just words, sentences too

Yep my daughter was like this talking really early she’s 5 now and honest to god from the moment she wakes till the moment she goes back to sleep this kid can’t be silent ever if she’s not talking she’s singing like It’s constant. But if she doesn’t know a full song she will just sing the same bit on repeat :woman_facepalming::joy: I love her so much but my god it’s exhausting. It’s a wonder she doesn’t talk in her sleep.


Its called jibber jabbering.babies do that lol

My son could roll over from the time he was born. He was walking at 6 months and was talking before a year old. In the hospital they came in and said they didn’t know what to do cause he kept scooting to the end of the isolet they had to put a pillow in it to keep him from mashing his head and his hair was below his sholders. It was so long you could put it in a bow

By a year and a half my daughter was talking in full complete sentences. People would be so surprised to hear her talk. She was walking at 10 months and talking at the same time.

My son is 3 and has been talking like that since he was 11 months I’d say! He’s very smart and intelligent. He sits with me when I do vocabulary word, spelling words, and sight words! He’s picking up a lot on all this also!

My ten-year-old daughter was talking at 6 months

Yes. My oldest was speaking full sentences at 9 months and new the alphabet at 11 months. By the time she was one her favorite thing to say was “remember when I was a baby” :joy: and go on telling us a story. She was an old souls I guess

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My son is 1 (15 months if you want to get technical but I don’t do months anymore lol) and has had a fairly big vocabulary since he was about 10-11 months. He talks a lot and knows a lot of words.

My granddaughter was using short phrases at 10 months and sentences by 1yr. My daughter questioned why she wasn’t walking at 13months, the nurse said when she ask you to get her something tell her no to go get it. Wasn’t much longer and she was very mobile. :smile:

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Very possible depending on how much you talk with them

Mine were talkers and still are lol. That’s great. Mom must be talking and reading to her a lot.

My 4 year old was like that… A huge vocabulary and just a gentle grasp for the English language. I currently now have a four-year-old that never shuts up LOL but I never talk to my kids like babies I always talk to them like how you do any other person it was never baby talk.