Does anyone else have family who doesn't buy your kids the right size clothes?

Idk if anyone else deals with this but I gotta vent… my kids’ grandparents (both sides) think they know what size clothes my kids “should” be in… I am their mom & trust me… I KNOW what size they wear lol Like for Christmas last year, I told my mom that my son was in 5T… well, she tells me that they got him 4t stuff because my dad thought 5t looked too big… & guess what. NONE of the clothes they bought fit… then there’s my MIL… she brings me clothes all the time that she finds at thrift stores & every single one is like 10/12… my son is now 6 & wears size 6/7… so now he has a closet full of clothes that are way too big… I bet maybe 1/4 is actually his size. Don’t get me wrong… I am very grateful they buy my kids clothes sometimes, but they’re no good if they don’t fit :joy: Then when he spends the night with my MIL, I’ll pack his size clothes… he comes back every single time in a shirt that is literally to his knees… it drives me crazy. My SIL has also ALWAYS dressed her kids in clothes that are a few sizes too big. Idk if it’s just something they do or what lol like what are supposed to be shorts, looks like pants & shirts down to the knees.


Yeah I’d just pick through the ones i want & garage sale the rest as for clothes not coming back send 1 of those mesh bags for the dirty laundry. & Pack outfit by day maybe in those dollar store seal bags & have your don to only pull out what he’s wearing that day if that doesn’t work call and facetime them daily bitching :rofl::rofl:

That would drive me crazy! Just donate them. If they are new ask for receipt.

Well look at the bright side, the bigger clothes will fit him eventually so you box them up until it will fit. The stuff that is to small, ask where they got it and exchange it. If it’s a thrift store then re-donate to a thrift store or someone you know who could use them. I know the feeling because it’s happened to my son with toys and we usually end up exchanging or donating them but we always have him say thank you because at least they thought about him.

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I always preferred clothes they could grown into, that way when they hit that growth spurt,I wasn’t having to go buy a whole new wardrobe for them :blush:

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My grandparents, specifically my grandma, (my sons great grandparents) always buy him the wrong size clothes. She also buys stuff or does stuff I explicitly say not to. It makes me crazy and I’m constantly fighting her on how to parent my own child.

I used to give away/ donate clothes that my kids grandma used to buy them that weren’t their style and sizes

My mother in law always bought things 3 sizes too big. “So they can wear them longer”

Well no, because it still only FITS for so long. I’m not putting huge clothes on them

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My family does but I love it cus they always buy slightly bigger stuff so he can use it longer. My family up north though always buy too many pants and long sleeves like I don’t live in Florida lmao

Too small? Sell it.
Too big? Store away until he actually fits it.

It’s what I do here but never has my family bought clothes that were too small.

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I love my relatives buying my son clothes he can grow into. If i want something in his current size i usually buy it.

I intentionally tell my parents and in laws his next size up. So even if it takes a while to get them theyre usually guaranteed to fit.

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The bigger clothes I wouldn’t have an issue with, twice my 5yo has woken up and it’s like nothing in his drawers fits, so we’ve learned to buy ahead and keep a size or two bigger of all essentials. But giving kids clothes that are too small is just a stupid waste of money.

I would just accept the bigger clothes and put them away for later. Can definitely be a life savor. My son will randomly grow over night and one time he woke up in the morning and nothing fit because I only had His size. To small would annoy me tho. I like putting my kids in clothes that are to big for bed tho lol. I think it’s super adorable when my 2 year old runs around in big clothes, especially one of her brothers old shirts. My daughters wearing one of my boyfriends sons old shirt right now lol it’s 3 sizes to big

Better too big than too small. Personally I like having bins of too big clothes. I never have to go on a shopping spree if she hits a growth spurt cause I have enough of next size stashed away.

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My MIL would always buy wrong size. (Even when I’d specifically tell her). I would return if could w/out receipts because she’d get put off when I’d ask for receipts. :roll_eyes: so I would just give them to Goodwill or 2nd hand store never worn.

Be thankful you have family who care enough to buy your children things. Not all grandparents care and some families don’t have any grandparents. If exchanging the clothes for the correct size is too inconvenient, then just donate the clothes to a local charity for children and know that others will enjoy the clothes.


I totally understand and I’m with you. If my kids need clothes, it’s definitely better to have the right size. If they don’t currently need clothes, then bigger is better to hang on to. But yeah I never like putting my kids in clothes that are way too big for them. We wouldn’t wear clothes 4 sizes too big, would we? So why should our kids?

Idk. Isn’t it just good etiquette to always include a gift receipt for clothes? I would just ask for a receipt if they buy clothes. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable request, but literally everyone I’ve ever known just does that automatically.

Just exchange what you can and put away the rest for when it does fit. Unless it’s super trendy stuff, it will still be just fine when it does.

Stop crying over petty shit. Be thankful and grateful people are even buying things for your kids. You sound like a selfish uppity brat