Does anyone else have pain with ovulation?

Does anyone get bad ovulation pain? I had my daughter six months ago, and my period came back last month. Well, last month, about a week and a half before my period was due, I was getting pains on my right side, and pelvic discomfort kind of felt like a UTI went to the doc and came back negative for a UTI. Well now (a week and a half before my period ), I’m getting the same symptoms it was since yesterday. Could it be ovulation pain? Something that needs to be seen at the doc?


i do i get all the same exact symptoms as my period

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It sounds like ovulation or even a cyst.

Omg girl yes !!! It hurts worse than actual period cramps sometimes its awful !!

Yes it’s a cyst or a mass on ur ovaries I had that that’s what the pain from

Yes! And I gave birth 6 and a half years ago. It’s worse then my actual period cramps, fam.

I don’t think you need to see a doctor unless the pain is unbearable. I myself get really bad pelvic pain during ovulation. So I use a heating pad to help relieve my pain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Midol also helps… my pain used to be the worst when I had the IUD too. :roll_eyes:

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It’s possible, I can always feel when I’m ovulating. Definitely a good idea to find out for sure what’s going on though

Yep my ovulation cramps were worse than period cramps

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Yes hurts like hell. Could also be a cyst. Heating pad and meds help.

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Yes. I had a condition where ovulation caused awful pain. When my egg sac burst is when it hurt. My doctor told me the pus inside the sac was irritating my uterus, like I was having an allergic reaction to it. Birth control helped so much. I haven’t had mid-cycle pain for quite a while.

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I would go see a gyn about it or ask primary doc to have a ultrasound or a CT of the area where that pain is… I was having that problem and ended up at ER. They decided to do the CT and found 2 lesions on my liver and a small cyst on the ovary but i already knew it was there just wasn’t sure if it had grown to maybe block something. Waiting to have biopsy on the lesions on my liver.

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I do, it only lasts a few hours though and is 2 weeks after I get my period.

Yes cramps or pressure super bad for a day or so then done

Sounds like a cyst! I get them all the time and they’re pretty painful.

I had that only on right side for years. I went to specialists that did ultrasounds and said I had a really skinny tube on that one side and nothing to do about it but that eggs coming from that side probably wouldnt make a baby. Only thing skinny on my body I suppose :woman_shrugging:t4:

I have cysts and they rupture during ovulation, usually a week before my period. But also during and sometimes after my period. Nothing they can do though.

Cysts? I had pain during sex like we had to stop. And the dr actually did surgery and looked around and removed a cyst that was the size of a dime.
Could also be endometriosis? But cysts are normal during periods.

I also started bleeding heavily and was rushed to the hospital twice… I had another surgery and had my tubes removed and they cleaned out my uterus because I had a super thick lining but when a clot broke loose I bled ALOT.

Once was walking throw walmart, black jeans were covered down to my ankle in blood. Some guy bought me pants because if I moved I bled.

Yes after 4 miscarriages and being told I would never have kids having the ovulation pain is what finally helped me become a mom

I didn’t start having ovulation pain until after I gave birth. Saw my doctor and she said it’s normal and some women have it and some women are fortune enough not to have it :sweat_smile: I just take pain killers when it’s overwhelming pain.