Does anyone have a child who chews stuff?

Does anyone else have a child that chews through everything?! My almost five-year-old chews holes in all of her clothes and chews on her hair and nails. I bought her a brand new pair of pants, and they already have a huge hole in them from her biting and picking at it.


Yes!!! My son is almost 15 and still chews on everything!!! Even with gum in his mouth!!! His Nick name is goat!!!


My kids did that same(they’re older now and still sometimes do it with the shirts) it’s sensory issues… I bought em sensory chew toys.


Mine. I have holes in his blankets and hats. Chews his fingernails low. My son will be 6 in December. It’s died down a little. Only the nails now.

That sounds like a sign of anxiety. They sell rubber necklaces that the child will chew like instead of their shirt collar.I would talk to your doctor about this


My 2 year old chews on the feet of her pjs. She hasn’t in a while but she used to be so bad at it

2yr boy chews every fuzzy blanket just the corners… So my bed blankets by morning hes made the corners either sopping wet or crunchy corners :laughing:

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Definitely take a look into sensory disorders and have the child evaluated for them. Chewing things can be a type of stimming as well. Definitely talk to the doc about it. Write down what they chew how often you notice it how long it lasts and when or if there is a pattern for the chewing. It may help you figure it out before even going to see the doc


My lil girl is 2 an she chews her nails and hair not all the time just sometimes I try to tell her that her nails are super dirty and chewing them may get her sick and that when she chews her hair it will ruin it.

It’s a sensory processing g disorder,try chewy toys that hang around the neck.Good luck,my grandson goes through a tshirt everday.His shirts


My son does then and he was putting holes in everything. I gave him like 5 or 6 hair bands to wear on his wrist. When he feels like he needs to chew on something he bites on the hair bands and like sticks his teeth under them. Plain black hair elastics are way cheaper to replace than clothes and aren’t as noticeable as the chewy necklace things

Yes, my son is 8. He chews his shirts and im constantly taking things out of his mouth. He has ADHD and some sensory issues though which cause him anxiety.


Mine does this, he’s 6. It his anxiety getting the best of him. Itd be his nails really bad, and we had a change of lifestyle and set routine and it helped him. Not like chew through things, but he did his nails, his blanket when he was a baby, I got him a fidget cube cause now its impossible for him to stay still

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Omg my 4 yr old daughter, it drives me batshit crazy, she’s also very destructive with everything.

Dollar stores sell cheap chew toy necklaces. My daughter has one its a sensory thing. Talk to her doctor too about concerns

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My son doesn’t chew on his clothes or anything like that but he does chew on straws. He just gets really concentrated and doesn’t realize he does it. I also know his dad does the same thing so I don’t know

Check out chewy tubes

There’s a medical term for that. I don’t remember what it is, but I know a woman that when she was a toddler and a little older that ate her hair. She would eat it in her sleep.

Check out Hoodie Chew on Amazon.
My 14 yr old has anxiety and I’m buying one of these for Christmas.

Agree that it could be parasites or sensory issues. I have seen parents post gains post about this after detoxing. Detox With TRS by Streams of Healing