Does anyone have a spouse that sleep walks?

Do any other mamas have sleepwalking husband’s? Mine hasn’t done it in over a year then last night, he gets up ( there’s a way about him standing up I know he’s sleepwalking ), and I watched him. He went into our daughter’s room (she’s seven months old, and we are sleep training; the littlest things wake her up). He just stood there for a couple of seconds and walked out. I did not sleep the rest of the night cause I was terrified he would go pick her up and drop her or something.

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Oh my my my … that would spook me right out… my daughter sleep walks but shes a terrible sleep walker and yells and wakes everyone up

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That scares me. They make medicine for sleep walkers, I would consult with the doctor.

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Put an alarm on your bedroom door that goes off when opened. It will wake him.

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I don’t have a spouse that does but I did when I was younger and out grew it. Now my daughter who is seven does. It is terrifying. We have put alarms on all doors, and installed cameras that buzz if there is any activity.

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My son sometimes sleep walks and he tried to walk out the front door. My bedroom door is next to the front door so we just put a bell on it. He doesnt get out because its locked top.

I sleep walk and clean sometimes. Sounds nice but I’ve ruined things spraying bleach on them and then wiping in different location. I also can’t seem to see dead bolts in doors so all our outside doors are deadbolts.

My husband has had dreams where he can’t find me and yells for me in different languages (he speaks like 6 languages) and hugs me super tight muttering in languages I don’t know. Sometimes I have to wake him to loosen his grip because I can barely breath.


My oldest sleep walks and in our last house went down the stairs a few times so we got a really good kids gate and he would walk up to it and turn back around. Maybe put a gate up in her doorway or yours


My ex-husband used to sleep walk and it is very scary indeed, he would take stuff out of the fridge and put it in the bathtub, try to climb out windows (we lived on the second floor of an apt building) if i tried to grab him he would start screaming, luckily it was just us two so no babies around, i would let him do his thing just make sure he didnt hurt himself

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That’s scary :confused: Hopefully you can help him in some kind of way.

Baby gate on your door or the babys

Maybe baby gates for your room and babies room, alarms?, consulting with a doctor if it keeps happening, set up cameras to see he continues to sleep walk.

I would lock the baby’s door. I sleepwalk myself, but just every few years. I OFTEN feel a great need while I am dreaming to leave my house. I remember my sleepwalking dreams and wake myself up from them. So lock baby’s door to best protect her from him perhaps trying to pick her up when he’s asleep.

These comments are so terrifying. My daughter sleep walked but only a few times and she was around 3 maybe 4.

Yes. Mine opened the front door and told the dog to go out in the middle of the night. Luckily I was on the couch and opened the door and the the dog came back

My grand daughter is 10 and she sleep walks . Is terrifying to me . One time she popped of try bed when we were sleeping talking in her own language and stood at the ledge of the foot on bed ( it’s a pretty high king ) with both arms up at her side and just threw her self down hurting her head on the dresser . Another time I saw her walk into my room she grabbed an old camcorder bag hugged it and walked out with it . When asked about it the next day she couldn’t remember

I used to sleepwalk. I still do if I get sleep deprived enough. It was the worst when my older kids were babies, and I was working night shift. I would go outside, and smoke, and walk down the street dead asleep. I had to have family stay with me, it got so bad. Definitely, keep an eye on him, and get him in to see a doc.

How long have you been married to him?
Have you seen him sleep walk a lot before the year prior?
Do you have other kids with him?
Has he gone into their room a lot in the past when he slept walk at night if so?
That would make a radar go off as a mother for me seems weird…

Im a sleep walker/talker. Last week I was looking around the house for a bat with my phone light. Cant remember it at all.
My daughter has never been hurt by me. The worse thing I did was lie down next to her cot.
If your worried you can pop wind chimes above your door so if it opens you’ll wake up. Id also suggest flipping her door handle the other way so you have to lift it up rather then down. Him being asleep he probs wont register is tbh. You can get little “ding dong” magnetic door alarms for your door too which might wake you up.

Sounds like there may be an underlying anxiety which has triggered the sleep walking again. He may feel some hidden anxiety regarding the baby if that’s where he tends to go. Try talking to him about what may be bothering him. It may surprise you and maybe vocalising it might be enough to ease it