Does anyone know how I can obtain a free pregnancy test?

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Definitely try dollar tree it’s all the same thing I’ve tried expensive digital ones and dollar tree ones and they both said I was pregnant lol :joy: definitely save yourself some money and get them from the dollar tree my son is proof they do indeed work! :rofl:


Also, Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests and they are just as accurate


There are crisis pregnancy centers in most bigger towns that offer them for free. They also give away diapers wipes and sometimes baby clothes.

Yes wait about 9mths and you will be sure


Some health centers will give you one for free

You can go-to your family doctor and they will.

Easier just to go dollar tree… clinic will take forever

I would ask what this has to do with Halloween. But thinking about it, the thought of being broke and possibly pregnant is pretty terrifying lol. Best of luck to whomever is inquiring…and yes, Dollar Tree has tests and I hear they’re quite accurate.

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Walmart has them for like… 88 cents.
But also health centers.

Definitely Dollar Tree has them for a dollar and they are just as good as any other. You can also go to your local health department or Planned Parenthood and they will usually do free tests.

This is the second pregnancy question on this page… why don’t you just change th name of the page relatable to pregnancy because I don’t see much Halloween and fall things


Dollar Tree, Planned Parenthood, Compassion Care, your ob/gyn or your primary dr (if you don’t have ob/gyn). Or you can Google for clinics in your area that have payments on sliding scales.

The department of health.