Does anyone know how to check your cervix for pregnancy?

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Where do these questions come from???


Ya a doctor, or nurse!!! Duh!!!

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It is best to wait for your doctor to do this!

No real need to check your cervix in pregnancy

I mean…
I can give it a shot, if you really need someone with long fingers to help you out here…

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It will have a purplish color if pregnant.

That needs to be done by a medical person.

Omg! I like the answers! I hope you don’t have a hemorrhoid! :joy::joy:

Go see your doctor???


See your gynecologist? Really?

Perhaps, this site has been hacked?

Wondering how anyone can check their own :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

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You lay down on the table in your doctor does it for you

First, you’ll need 3 mirrors and a large spotlight, next…