Does anyone make their own baby food?

Do any of you make your own baby food? I am debating on doing store bought or homemade. Is making your own cheaper? Do you use organic or non organic fruits and veggies? What is the storage guidelines on making your own baby food? What do you package yours in for storage and transporting?


We did baby led weaning, so never used purees. That’s another option to look into


YouTube has so much information on this.
You can also talk to a dietitian that can give you a plan and storage information. It’s a great option if you can afford it!

Baby bullet had a SUUUUPER useful book and guide that came with it

I bull made mine for all my kids and a friend shop bought, I saved about £25 a week in comparison to my friend but all kids are healthy and happy do what you feel is best for you

I made my own baby food with my 3rd child. A friend of mine gave me her Baby Bullet because she made her own food as well. It’s really not that hard and honestly I think it’s better for your child. You can look up online about the storing options and such online. But I pretty much made enough for a week and put it in my freezer and just pulled it out the night before so it had time to defrost.

Waited until 5 to 6 months old and would mash veggies and fruits from the table, however I did purchase meat in baby food my choice was gerber

I’ve made my own with both my babies. Steam them and use a hand blender- bought containers at the dollar store and just freeze those.

Just skip the purées And go straight to regular food starting at 6 months as long as requirements are met.

6 months old, can sit unassisted for a least a minute (good trunk support is important)

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond is a wonderful group to learn more!

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Ofc, why would i buy if is easier to cook? I was making food for my kids from 6-7 months and further

Baby bullet is amazing! It comes with a booklet on different foods to try and what age to try them. You can freeze foods for around 3 months. It’s saved A LOT of money. Highly recommend if you have the time

Yes pretty easy and cheaper. I used fresh and frozen veggies and fruit. I used just a regular blender depending on age etc how much it needed to be puréed. Just starting I froze in ice cube trays then put in zip locks in freezer. When little bigger so larger portion I got silicone trays so easy with those

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I actually used a coffee bean grinder. Worked perfect!! And I did both. Bought some and whenever I made dinners I’d puree it or chunk it up and put it into ice cube trays. So good!!

Making your own is cheaper and fun!

With my second son I didn’t use baby food. Other than oatmeal he hated it. I just used soft table food. Mushed up bananas, bread ect.

Started with store bought and moved to homemade then baby led weaning. When making my own, it was always what was on sale at the store and what we could also eat (so if I bought apples we might also have an apple dessert too that week etc) also bought from Costco a lot too. That didn’t last long and he got tired of purées by 7/8 months so then we just did a modified baby led weaning where he legit ate whatever we were having (but in good portion size for him) he LOVED the independence it gave him and I was able to monitor for allergies better.

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I make my own, and also have purchased some from the store.
I used organic, pureed it with breastmilk for consistency, and froze it in ice cube tray, then put it in a freezer safe container once solid. If we don’t use it within 3 months I toss it.
I like making my own combinations for her, because I can make stuff that I cant find in the store. I find that it’s cheaper to make my own, but can be more convenient to just grab a jar on the go if we are out and about and I didnt bring any.


I made my own. Super easy. Peel it, steam it, blend it with some of the water used to steam it, pour into ice cube tray and freeze it

I made ours just because I couldn’t stand the smell of jarred food. I froze purees into ice cube trays and then stored the cubes in bags in the freezer - popped cubes into small containers each morning for the sitter. Used mix of organic and non, fresh and frozen depending on what was on sale or in season. Definitely cheaper.

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Used Gina fords book on weaning. Was a great little coaching book for inexperienced parents.