Does breastfeeding hurt just as bad with the second child?

Hey I was wondering if breastfeeding hurts just as much with the second baby as it did with the first?

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Nope :woman_shrugging:t2:. I mean your nipples will be sore the first day or so but you know what it feels like so it didn’t hurt as bad. Depends on how well the latch is too

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It shouldn’t. If you have troubles seek out an LC to check baby over for ties and latch issues.
Otherwise do different positions. I YouTubed how to do everything the first time around. I nursed through a month of nipples until we got it figured out.

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For me it did you of course get used to the pain after awhile but still hurt a lot

:grimacing: and the third and the forth. Not as long but even with my 4th I remember curling my toes into the carpet with a good hungry latch on those first days

I had a few days where it hurt but it didn’t last long.

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For me yes it did. Even with my third it still took 2-3 weeks for the pain to ease up

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Baby #3 is now 9wđź–¤ definitely hurts less each time (pains the same, shorter time) for me at least

Yes you’re starting all over. New baby has to learn to latch so you will be sore for a while

I didn’t think so and I hadn’t nursed in 2 years. Maybe it’s because you know how to get a proper latch so your nipples don’t get as chapped and don’t stay sore very long

Everyone is different. Mine didn’t hurt as bad,but still hurt a little. I just pushed through it and am doing great now at 6 weeks and it doesn’t hurt.

For me yes for a couple of weeks

My nipples didn’t hurt for me, but then again I only had a 4 month break from breastfeeding. My uterus did hurt the first week because of the contractions everytime he fed.

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My second one was harder than my first. My first was easy peasy no pain my second one gummed my left nipple but he figured it out in about a week

In the beginning

It is definitely easier after the first. I had nipple cracking, blisters, thrush, etc with the first, but nothing like that with younger siblings. Good luck :heart:

Depends on how long ago you had the first baby… Also it is all about the latch… If you mastered the latch with the first one it will be easier now and then it won’t hurt for more than a few days…

My first was a dream, not even a cracked nipple. My second was a nightmare, bleeding nipples by week 2, mastitis by week 4. He was so tiny compared to my first he couldn’t get the whole nipple in his mouth. Each baby is different, hell each feed is different I think.

For me breastfeeding didn’t hurt at all even the first latch. If it hurts (even in the beginning) I recommend seeking out an IBCLC to get help with getting a proper deep latch.

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt period. If it does, please see your doctor or a lactation consultant.