Does breastfeeding make your boobs sag?

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No it’s the kids ahah

Even if u dont breastfeed they are still gunna sag🤣 dunno what it is about them post baby titties but they try to reach the floor whether you breastfeed or not

No. Pregnancy does tho lol.

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I Feel Like Being Pregnant Did & Having All The Milk Than To It Disappearing I Think It’s All Combined


Breastfed for 3 years and my perky boobs deflated & became tubesock titties… I ended up bedazzling them and got some piercings (which I told my daughter that they were “milk stoppers” when she saw Hahaha.) They’re slowly coming back to life, though! :laughing::joy:

Mine didn’t change once I was done. With working out I definitely strengthened those muscles as well

Let’s just say when my tits are filled with milk they look amazing!! When she drains the milk out they look saggy af :eyes: :sob::joy:


Wearing bras does that

No. Genetics makes your breasts sag. The loss of skin elasticity makes your breasts sag( this happens as you age) Believe it or not, smoking and the sun can make your breasts sag. Rapid weight loss and weight gain can make your breasts sag. This last factor is why there is a myth of breastfeeding making you sag. The weight gain, and subsequently, the weight loss after pregnancy can make them hang closer to the floor. But all in all it is your genetics and how your own skin responds to these fluctuations.


Yes I had pancakes it was a hard adjustment

No. It’s a hormone during pregnancy. And age.

It didn’t make mine sag but my nipples changed a lot

Yes it can. From the breast being fuller with milk to then being empty when you’re done breastfeeding. But that is absolutely no reason to not breastfeed.
It is absolutely the best option to feed your baby. If you can. If you can’t that’s ok too. But don’t choose not breastfeeding over the appearance of your breasts.


Yes I’ve bf 4 kids 2 being twins

I got orangutan tittys now.


yes i had huge tiddies before my baby then i breastfed and they deflated to nothingness and now my nipples point DOWN instead of straight :joy:


My boobs just sag, naturally.

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Either way they will sag. Your boobs are going to stretch and start to engorge right before and after birth no matter how you choose to feed your little

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Yes I’ve breastfed 3 kids