Does it hurt to get an IUD taken out?

I have an IUD; I got it after I had my son almost four years ago. I want to get it taken out & start trying for another. I’m so scared of getting it taken out; does it hurt? Is it hard to get pregnant afterward? TIA! I just want to hear other mom’s experiences!


Nope! It actually is 10 times easier than getting it put it

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Not at all! But lord beware. I was pregnant within days of getting mine out :roll_eyes:

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No. Out was painless.

No…it doesnt hurt,I was pregnant in a few weeks

Mines did because it was stuck in the left corner and almost had to receive surgery

Nope doesn’t hurt and i was pregnant within 3 months after having it removed :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope and I got pregnant right after.

Doesn’t hurt at all :blush:

Mine became embedded and I had to have it surgically removed. Didn’t feel a thing… because I was knocked out.

I think it depends, mine flipped upside down and was embedded into my uterus. I needed surgery to remove it. So i opted for my tubes to be removed.

I literally pulled mine out myself :woman_shrugging:t2: and got pregnant with my youngest within weeks…


No didn’t hurt me at all and was pregnant a month later

I recently got mine out and it didnt hurt at all…

Easy to get out…I was pregnant in a month.

I was pregnant within 2 months of having it out, no pain

Mine hurt to be pulled out tbh but it also had shifted out of place

It doesn’t hurt at all but everyone is different. I conceived 6 months after having mine removed. Good luck mama!

No they are easy to get out and its easy to fall pregnant straight away

This good to hear because getting it put in was awful.