Does it make me a bad mom to not want my toddler to follow me to the bathroom?

Am I a bad mom because I just wanna go pee without my two years old attached to my hip? My kiddo is two, and I’ve been a single mama with absolutely zero help sense he was born and the last two weeks, he has basically been on me 24/7, and whenever I go to the bathroom he basically has to be sitting in my lap, or he screams, and he always has to be on me or holding onto me in some way… I feel like the worst mom in the entire world because I just don’t want him on me all the time and I just want to relax… I’m debating on even posting this because I feel absolutely horrible. Me and him have never even been away from each other, In almost three years, except for when he naps. Am I terrible?


Nope not at all…we all need a minute to ourselves


You sound human to me :blush:

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No they need to learn boundaries. I told all mine bathroom time is private time. Not hard. They will cry but it wont hurt them. Youre letting him control you and coddling him.


My 6 year old waits by the door lmao :joy:

Nope. I was the same way when mine where little. Sometimes a mom just needs 5 minutes without someone in your personal space. Its perfectly normal. When my boys got a little older, I would get a one hour bath a couple nights a week. Unless there was blood or fire, do not disturb. One uninterrupted hour was not to much to ask for.

Some mom time just makes you a better mom for him.

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If you can, make him a place to wait for you outside of the bathroom. Take you moment, & return to him. Make the wait a bit longer each time. Explain to him about privacy.


If that’s what you need to recoup and have a-renewed moment then that’s what you should do!

Not at all. My almost 2 yr old is the same way. If I walk away from her for a second you would think the world ended for her. I’m not a single mom but she could give two fucks about her dad leaving the room. She is still nursing too so she is still all over me I can’t even sleep at night without her on top of me. My first child was so much easier so it’s still hard to cope with how needy she is.

Totally normal. When u start with boundaries, for example, the other side of the bathroom door and sticking fingers under it so u can still see him and hear him. Thats what I did to my kids, then expanded out from there. Eventually, with potty training, I was the one on the outside of the door. Make it a game, the “game” attitude seems to make it a tad easier for them to adjust. Its ok mom, u need ur sanity.

Ask for help, anyone? A friend a relative? It sounds like you need a relaxing bubble bath ? All by yourself.
It might be difficult but it’s for the greater good.


It’s seperation anxiety. My son had it because I was a single mom for the first four years of his life I taught him that bathroom time is private time he even now forgets to knock lol

Its a clingy shitty stage, and its hard work. And its totally normal for you to want some space.

If you cant cope with shutting the door and letting them scream through it try this.
Get a little chair/stool, start with it right beside you and they sit on it while you go to the toilet. Once you’ve got them sitting gradually move it further away. Some can move away faster than others. Once the chair is outside the door you can progress to gradually closing the door. Once you’ve done your business washed (taken to to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are an amazing mum) then they get up.

Whatever method you choose, stick to it and hang in there, you will get there!


You are not terrible. Most single parents have some difficulty with 24/7


Nope it’s ok if you take a glass of wine in there too :joy::joy::joy: for a quick min​:wink:


Let him scream he’ll be alright.


Let him scream hun,he won’t die…mama’s need a minute tooo

He’s not used to closed doors with mommy. Your not a bad mom! We all go through this. Just try to occupy him with something else while you do your thing. Talk to him and tell him exactly what you are doing. Going bathroom/showering. Once he understands he will let up little by little. :hugs:


Perfect time for sitting him on a potty chair…