Does it sound like I am going into labor on my own?

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second. It’s been seven years since I’ve been pregnant; I had to be induced at 39 weeks three days because I was in such unbearable pain with my son because he was a big baby. This entire pregnancy, I have felt that I would deliver early on my own; my body has just felt different. For the past 3-4 days, my boobs are very hot and feel super full and very sore, which is not something I experienced when I was pregnant with my son. I also can tell she has dropped lower. I feel like my gut is telling me my body is preparing because she, in fact will be here early on her own. Has anyone experienced this?


Every pregnancy is different even for the same woman. It’s hard to tell. The last few weeks are rough!! There’s really no way to know if the baby will come early or not. Only thing you can do is rest as much as possible and drink lots of water. If you’re having pressure you can get a pregnancy support belt. Good luck!!

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Well especially with the boobs thing I’d go get yourself checked out.

Yes I experience this with my baby she came a whole 6 weeks before her time. You need to go check your ob and see how much cm baby is she may come early

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Call your doctor or go into the hospital for a check

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31 week way to early. Keep the baby in longer. The longer the better. If u feel off definitely tell ur dr. Nicu is no fun.

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None of us are your OB. Call them or the hospital you’ll be delivering at/ask the maternity unit. Go get checked if you believe it’s something

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3 of my 4 babies I physically felt them “drop” I could hardly walk lol none came early tho. I’d definitely talk to your OB tho

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Every woman is different all I know is I had a feeling I knew when the baby was coming compared to when the baby wasn’t coming now if I decided I wanted to lay down then I could prolong the labor a little more and the contractions would stop for a little bit but if I kept moving and kept it up then I was basically sending myself into labor I felt everything and at first the nurses were like oh you shouldn’t be able to know any of this you shouldn’t be able to feel this you shouldn’t but my body knew

With my 1st pregnancy out of the blue my water broke at 34 weeks and she was born within 2 hours. With my second my water started breaking at 30 weeks I got to the hospital and they stopped it. 4 weeks later i started leaking fluid again they had to induce me & she was born within 6 hours.

Every pregnancy is different. Unless you experience one of the big signs, I wouldn’t worry about it.
Just make sure to have your SO near a phone at all times if they’re working, enough gas, bag ready, and relax.

All of the signs you’re experiencing are just part of the end of pregnancy. Could go tomorrow or not until 42. Hard to tell. Good luck.

Oh and mention your concerns to your OB. They can check you over. Just don’t go running there right now lol.

Please be careful my second baby i was only in labour for 1and 3/4 of an hour

All babies are different! Both of my daughters dropped early. My 1st i had to be induced with at 38 weeks 5 days and my 2nd was c section because she was huge and I couldn’t move at 37 weeks. I would talk to your doctor but these really are not good signs for baby coming early! Good luck

I felt this way with my son, and I just had him at 31 weeks in December. I’d go to the Dr definitely

Definitely get checked out. The NICU is nowhere you want your baby to be. It’s HARD. Better to be safe than not!

31 weeks is too early. If you feel like labor is starting now, call your doctor.

Every pregnancy/delivery is different. I would suggest calling your dr/ob to see what they say. Best of luck!! Keep us updated!! :slight_smile:

It would have been much faster to just call you doctor. Instead you typed all of this on a public forum with non medical professionals and now have to wait around for answers…


Consult with your Dr please!

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You drop twice. The second time is like the 2 week warning, the baby is getting into position. You"ll know because she is sitting on your lap. Get checked by Doctor.