Does it sound like my daughter could be teething?

Hi everyone, I’m a new mom, my baby is 11 weeks old. My daughter has always been a very good sleeper. I breastfeed exclusively so she eats as often as she wants to. She was sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night and then after that she would wake up maybe 1-3 times to nurse the rest of the night. Lately she has been more fussy than usual during the day and especially at night. She will sleep around 4-6 hour stretches and then wake up every hour or every other hour after that to nurse. And is extremely fussy when she wakes for those feeds. She’s also been drooling so much and is constantly chewing on her hands and arms. I’m still new to this mom thing and she is my first so I don’t know a whole lot and I’m still learning. So I was wondering if this sounds like she’s teething to anyone else? I have googled it but I’d just like other mom’s opinions. Thank you.


Sounds like my daughter was , but she is just sprouting one tooth close to 10 months old. Mine was drooling a lot too at that time. She may be having a growth spurt !

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I was just going to suggest growth spurt or possible teething! My little boy got very fussy during his growth spurts and started drooling BUCKETS at 12 weeks and constantly chewing on his hands but didn’t pop a tooth until almost 10 months either. Every babe is different and you know her best, good luck!

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Is she gaining weight? Just curious. Mine would go nuts on their hands and fingers around the time they needed an increase in milk.

I’d say definitely teething.

11 weeks is generally early for teething, she may not be getting enough to eat. Also look into the Wonder Weeks app. It helps you gage when typical growth spurrs and fussy times are with kids.

I would say she is teething my lil. Boy started teething at 2 months old and he is almost 11 months old and he has 8 teeth

My son was the same way around that same age and it turned out to just be a growth spurt. He didn’t have teeth buds come up and actually start teething for several more weeks. The behavior when he actually started teething was similar to the growth spurt but much worse.

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Growth spurt is what it sounds like to me.

My daughter had her first tooth at 4 months and 2nd not to long after that.

I only have one child and she’s only 5 months old. So I don’t have alot to bring to the table. But my daughter has been a heavy drooler since 2 months. (So 3 total now) and not a single tooth or any in sight. Everyone who sees her says it’s a for sure thing. But nothing comes of it so far.

My youngest had a tooth at 2 months…broke my heart. It can happen. Just keep an eye out

Most likely a growth spurt, teething comes with swelling of the gums, chewing on everything, and drooling, often a rash around the mouth from the drooling. Frozen green beans is great for teething babies that are starting to eat solids.

Sounds like she’s going through a growth spurt… usually happen at the 3s… 3,6,9 weeks and then 3,6,9 months during those times they go through those they nurse more to get a larger supply of milk… also another thing that happens to me (which I started taking magnesium to combat against) is when I started my monthly cycle right before my supply will drop for a day or two and my little man gets fussy and nursing more because he’s not getting enough.

My little boy did that. Sounds like a growth spurt. He ate a lot then too. Could be mouth/hand exploration. I thought it was teething too. He got his first 2 a little before 6 months. He’s almost 7 months and his top 4 are coming in now!

If you don’t see bumbs on her gums I’d say growth spurt. Just my personal experience my son was born wanting to sleep 7-8 hours at night. His doctor made it very clear that it was not safe and to stir him every 2 hours and feed. I didn’t fully wake him up but just enough for him to latch and eat. He claimed it would increase the chances of SIDS as well as malnutrition.

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babies can teeth for a LONG time before the teeth actually come thru. I have 3 kids and all of them started teething around 2-3 months but didnt cut teeth til around 7 months at the earliest. my youngest started teething at 3 months and about a month ago (9m old) cut his first tooth. hes now working on number 9.
growth spurts can cause fussiness too.
just remember that every baby is different and you know her best. if you’re worried about something or unsure dont be afraid to call her dr. and ask questions. believe it or not most nurses and drs alike would rather you call with any concerns than sit and worry yourself to death. especially breastfeeding mama’s. no matter how “stupid” it may seem.

It could be a growth spurt as they will want to eat more around that age. My son has been drooling a lot but chewing his teethers occasionally at 2 months until recently and he hasn’t gotten teeth yet. He’s 9.5 months. So he’s been teething for a while. And every baby is different to.

could be teething and it could also be a growth spurt but it is common for them to start around 3 months and not necessarily cut a tooth.